[Plugin: Simple Tags] BUG: Auto-tagging words within words. (2 posts)

  1. orbitalz101
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I noticed that when you add a keyword such as "hat" or "cap" to your keyword list, it'll add those tags to your posts if it finds words like "That" or "capped" in the post. The plugin seems to be tagging keywords that are within words.

    Also, it tags words that have a hyphen. such as if you have the keyword "tie" in your keyword list, it'll add the tag to the posts with words like "tie-dye" or "tie-down".

  2. Joe Banks
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Spot on. I'm also attempting to autotag references to about 50 acronyms, which are all caps, e.g., RA, RB, RBA, RBB, RE, REB, REC, RES, RET, RH, RHA, RHC, RHD, RHE, RHI, RHN, RHS, RP, RPC, RPP, RPT, RPV, RT, RTA, RTB, RTE, RTI, RTM, RTT, RX, RXA, RXC, RXD, RXL, RXN, RXP, RXS. The autotagging feature grabs all references! Yikes! You should have seen our WP site after using the Auto Tag feature! For example, every instance of RE/re was tagged "RE"! LOL! Thank goodness for BlogPIG Nuke Tag and being able to start all over! My concern for later advances in this plugin is the various ways one of these acronyms could appear, e.g., "(RE)"; "RE/Name"; "RE,"; "RE;"; "RE:".

    Regardless, plugin greatly appreciated.

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