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    Hi Max,

    I’m trying to use schoolsearch, and I got inconsistant result. The shortcode doesn’t take city with 2 words, such as:
    [schoolsearch city=”san mateo” state=”ca”]

    I also tried to use different zips. It always returns error message: Something went wrong. No data is being returned from But it also displays the school info.

    How should use schoolsearch with 2-word city? And how can I remove the error message? I’m using WP3.0.1 and Simple Real Estate 1.1.2.

    Thanks for you help. Hope to hear from you.

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  • Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Hi there,

    could you please do me a favor and see if this adjustment fixes the issue you’re having?

    Edit the file srp-education.php (which is located in the SRP plugin’s folder).

    Substitute line #27
    $query .= $q . $key . '=' . $value;

    with this
    $query .= $q . $key . '=' . str_replace(' ', '+', $value);

    If you have any caching plugins activated, you might need to clear the cache of the site + the cache of your browser. Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

    Hi Max,

    Thanks a lot. It works. I’ve another question. I’m trying to use Trulia and Altos market trend. But the don’t come out like the ones you have in screenshots on WP plugin page. It doesn’t have the tabs for different price ranges, and it only shows a curve for one price range clearly and others barely show at the bottom of the chart (Altos), and same for Trulia. Did I install everything correctly? How can I show it better? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Would you please post a link to a live example with the issue you mentioned?

    Hi Max,

    Here is the link to the graph.
    Demo Page

    When inserting the graph, Trulia can only allow to enter one price range at a time, one graph for one price range. But on your screenshots, it shows multiple price tabs on top of the graph.

    Am I missing something? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Oh, I see what you’re saying. Multiple graphs organized by tabs appear under Neighborhood Profiles. You can enter one by clicking on a Map icon, entering all the info and check the box that says “Include Neighborhood Profile”. This will generate tabbed area with a whole bunch of info including the charts.

    Thanks. I tried it and it works. Is it possible if I just want to get all those information by state, city and/or zip? I tried missing exact address, the information doesn’t come up completely. Does it support shortcode? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    You don’t have to specify an address – just the coordinates for the center point, since the results are returned within a certain radius (it’s just easier to pull coordinates automatically from an address though). Yes, there is a shortcode – when you embed Neightborhood Profile into a page or post via the Maps icon – it actually inserts a shortcode which you should be able to see. BTW, all the shortcodes are listed on the main settings page of the plugin – just expand the part that says “Available Shortcodes” below the “General Settings”.

    Hi Max,

    I just upgraded it to v1.1.3.3. The neighborhood profile is working fine, except for the Nearby Business that doesn’t show anything. And the Walkability doesn’t show a complete map. For the small box on the lower right corner of google map, when it is clicked, it doesn’t show banks, hospitals, etc. I have the Yelp API key filled. I tried different address/coordinator, and I got the same result.

    Here is the Demo Page.

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Sorry, the demo link above was broken.

    Please check out this Demo Link.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @amhpco – I visited your page and the only thing that I can confirm is Walkability widget – the rest, including Yelp Businesses work just fine in your example.

    I have released v – this should fix the Walkskore probelm – it’s a simple CSS fix.

    Thanks a lot. I checked it and saw it…

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