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  • Education, Yelp & Trulia are not showing up on the listingpage.php – Education & Trulia are not showing up in the admin panel.

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  • I’m having a very difficult time getting Great Real Estate to work so I really haven’t been able to take a good look at this as yet. Still, I do have one question that perhaps someone here can help me with. I think I have a theme problem. Where can a get a theme that will work properly with the widgets, etc.?

    It’s trial & error. Try free themes – there are a lot out there that are very good and you can customize easily. Each plugin you install has the potential to not work correctly with your theme.

    Sorry about not getting back right away. The WP directory created a tag simple-realty-pack-4 and this thread didn’t show up under the actual plugin.

    Did you download the most recent version of the plugin from If not, then please download it again, because there was a small change made before it got uploaded here.

    Let me know if it works or not. Thank you.

    @maxchirkov – old tag merged into simple-real-estate-pack-4

    @michaelh Thank you 🙂


    I have the plugin working fine on most of my blogs. This blog is working on a MU platoform…that’s the only difference I can see. And, I get this error:

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp\sess_8sqr7isuag2nvcks8j7dtcpe80, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in D:\Agentcast\Client Blogs\wp-content\plugins\simple-real-estate-pack-4\srp-functions.php on line 8



    Because you’re trying to run your site on Windows, there is no such folder as /tmp. By default PHP is looking for the session in the temporary directory, which is in the root. In you case that would be D:\tmp. You need to edit php.ini file to correct the temporary folder path. You wouldn’t need to do that on linux based host though.

    I can’t get the Yelp data to show. It was working fine yesterday, but today it is not showing. Only the school information shows on the google map. Any help? Thanks.

    PS – my blog is still under construction. 🙂


    The key is, it worked fine yesterday. In my case, Yelp data seems to go offline over the last couple of weekends. I wasted several hours chasing down why it was not displaying or what had changed…. in both cases the next morning it was back up.

    Maybe this will save others a headache or two looking for a problem that doesnt exist.

    @djmacdonald & @b.Terrell

    I should note that the plugin currently requires PHP 5.2 and higher. I have a blog that runs on PHP 5.16 and Yelp data doesn’t show up there, while the rest of the plugin seem to work fine. The reason in some PHP functions that are no supported in earlier versions… I might fix that later.

    In your case, it seems like you run out of the API calls. I just looked at the Yelp API Terms of Services and here is a quote (

    The initial API request limit per day is 100, which will be adjusted up to 10,000 for live implementations following approval by Yelp. To request an evaluation, please send your YWSID, beta site URL, and/or screenshots of your proposed use to well before launching any public sites or mobile applications.

    100 calls per day is really nothing. I contacted Yelp before, hoping to get some kind of universal API key just for the plugin, but they denied my request and said that every user has to follow their requirements. So, I guess you guys have to email them asking to increase your API calls limit.

    Hope this helps.


    Hello- Yes I cannot get the lat long to auto populate in google map feature. When I manually insert the lat & long the map feature does not appear.

    Can you help? I am running the most current Real Estate Pack Plugin and operating with AgentPress/Studiopress.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I am still putting together my site.

    The plugin has been tested with WordPress 2.9x versions, we haven’t gotten to the 3.0 version yet.

    Currently, that particular feature for lat/lng auto-population depends on the Great Real Estate plugin, so it needs to be installed and you have to set the Google API key in its settings.

    The map should appear if you enter coordinates manually. I’m not familiar with the Agent Press theme, but I’ve seen other people successfully using the plugin on their Agent Press based websites.

    This is a beautiful plugin. I am installing it on WP 3.0 using shortcodes – minimal issues. Will report as I find them.
    Mortgage Calc Shortcode interest_rate is not working.

    I’m not sure exactly which shortcode you’re talking about, but these work for me:
    [mortgage_rates] – this shows mortgage rates (its not interest_rate as you mentioned).
    [mortgage] – is a mortgage calculator shortcode and it works as well.

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