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  • Hello,

    since my computer at home is too slow for the original “new post”-site of wordpress, I have chosen the plugin to add posts without the stuff that slows down loading. It took endless times to add something by typing it in not to imagine the loading time or let’s say the time it the letters I typed showed up. It’s all the ajax, java stuff I guess. Using Opera on Debian, if it’s interesting. My problem now is: simple post plugin is great, but lacks of the plugins. How do I add the plugins there or get the possibility to use at least the form to add keywords, title tags, description etc. to the post. I can’t also add images or any other media. It doesn’t start loading if I click on the image to add an image. On the original form you get a loading bar the shows, well, that’s loading. Since the original site – new post and edit post slows the loading time down to whatever. It’s necessary for me to get the keywords, title and description form to the simple post plugin form. Saving draft it’s by the way that slows my machine down because it only adds typed letters etc., or react on mouse clicks when it’s loading (or not, I don’t know, couldn’t figure it out).

    Well, hope I find some help here since no one reacted on my post in the German forum.

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