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  • Resolved Angelp357


    I just purchased and installed the latest version of PopUp and everything shows fine in the back edn but when I go to my home page, which is where I want to display the popup, nothing happens.

    I have reviewed the documentation & tried different options but still I get nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Btw, my website is:

    Actually now it shows but I can’t turn it off. When I’m on my website the popup shows and I click on the X to close it but it doesn’t close.

    I have completely removed this plug-in. Very dissatisfied since I paid for it. Telling me that it’s my theme and not the plug-in isn’t a solution. I have used many plug-ins with this theme (I am currently using about 11) without any issues. I beleive a full refund should have been issued since you couldn’t get your plug-in to work properly.

    If you are considering purchasing this plug-in don’t do it! You will have absolutely no support if it doesn’t work.

    Plugin Author Muneeb


    I’m sorry you are having issues, Please use the plugin you have purchased on another WordPress site and then let me know it does work or not. It’s not a good thing to ask others not to purchase when actually the issue was on your site.

    I have installed the free version and got it working fine, but when you close the box, it will not show again unless you clear down the cookies – is this usual or is there something I can do about it.



    Plugin Author Muneeb


    It’s usual as in free version you cannot control the cookies so if the popup get shown on every visit the visitor will get annoyed.


    Did you manage to get this working again? I’m in two minds whether to get the premium version.

    @mashedpuds no I didn’t. As a Mettler of fact I just deleted it all together. I was amazed by the lack of support as well as having someone contact me, after posting on here what occurred, telling me how I wasn’t a good person for doing so.

    Thanks for your experience.

    Try and Google: Mow POP.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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