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  • Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    Hi @venntom,

    all are great suggestions. I have a few comments though:

    1. Should those settings affect the logging of items or rather their display? It seems to me its better to have all the information logged, but choose what you want to be displayed on the screen in any given moment. Thoughts?

    2. Should the success/failed counter reflect filtered results for the current page (if pagination exists) or for the full search/filter?

    It seems like I need to modify the database table and add an extra column – “status”… this should be most efficient way to implement items 2 and 3 that you recommended.

    Appreciate your input!



    @ Max,

    1. their display. Rows should just become thinner when only login status data is displayed and therefore more records would fit on screen.

    2. count success/failed results for the filter (displayed next to the filter selection field)

    One extra: Could the CSV export (great feature!) be based on the selected filter?


    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @venntom – just released an update that includes most of the enhancements you’ve recommended. Thanks!

    Just tested the new release.
    When accessing the login log under the users menu, between the line “login results” and the actual overview I get about 40 error lines ;-(
    All these errors are about> Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/wpmain/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php on line 665
    Same for line 838
    (used xxxxxx to blank out the actual sitename)

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @tom – I hate making releases… sigh… Well, I can’t replicate the issue on my end… after scanning through my code, I noticed one line that could possibly return a false value instead of an array. Try this if you don’t mind:

    Line #707:

    $hidden = get_user_option( 'manage' . $screen->id . 'columnshidden' );

    Substitute with the following:

    $hidden = ( $hidden = get_user_option( 'manage' . $screen->id . 'columnshidden' ) ) ? $hidden : array();

    Please let me know how it works out. Hate to leave bad bugs to hang over the weekend 🙂

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    You know, it’s probably safer to just use these 2 lines instead of line 707:

    $hidden_cols = get_user_option( 'manage' . $screen->id . 'columnshidden' );
    $hidden = ( $hidden_cols ) ? $hidden_cols : array();

    No bad bugs hanging over the weekend!
    The proposed fix cleaned out the errors 😉

    PS: Any reason why the column “Login Results” is blank?
    While the “Data” column contains login success & the redirect info.
    I assume this also causes the following> Login Results: All(3)|Successful (0)|Failed (0) to display wrongly zeros…

    Have a good weekend!

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @tom – oh, so I actually nailed it. Cool 🙂

    The Login Results column doesn’t display the old records there, but it will display the new ones. I just didn’t see the point of parsing old records and displaying that data in the new column. The plugin is still very much in beta, so no need to accumulate “backward compatibility” code with incorrect table format in the first version.

    Thanks for your help and have a great weekend yourself!

    P.S. I’d appreciate some thoughts when you get a chance to take a look at the new features.
    P.P.S. – I have released an update v.0.5

    Hello! I just began researching plugins for my client and I’m hoping you can tell me if your plugin might work for me. I simply need a page on the front-end of the site where users can log in and their login username, date and time is recorded in the admin area so my client can keep track of people logging in to that one page. Would your plugin allow them to be redirected to a page on the front end of the website that is NOT available to viewing without logging in?

    Thank you for your time.

    Plugin Author Max Chirkov


    @jeepstergal – the plugin logs all registered users that are using “native” login form. Some other plugins that provide a custom login form might work as well, but not guaranteed. Is it an issue for your users to use the standard/native login form at /wp-admin ?

    My plugin doesn’t manage users nor pages – it doesn’t redirect users anywhere, it just keeps track of users that login into the site. BTW, there is another plugin that manages user redirection –

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