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  • I’ve installed and activated SLB but nothing is happening..I am a complete novice with WP but can follow instructions :O)

    Test site here

    Have i missed doing something?

    Any advice appreciated


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  • Hi, I’m getting a 404 (not found) error when I go the link you provided. Could you please check the link?

    Also, you may want to make sure that Simple Lightbox is enabled using the following steps:
    1) Go to Settings > Media in your admin dashboard
    2) Scroll down the the section titled “Lightbox Settings”
    3) Make sure the options in the “Activation” group are checked
    4) Save your changes

    Sorry about that bad link, try this:

    I’ve checked the settings and it is activated. I take it i don’t have to input any code into the page? I think this is done automatically with the images…


    Thanks for the link.

    The necessary code is automatically added to the page and this is occurring as expected on your site.

    However, lightboxes (including this plugin) primarily work on links to image files (e.g. The reason the lightbox is not activating when the thumbnails on your test page are clicked is because they link to other WP pages, not images.

    When inserting an image into a post, the “Link URL” (for example, in the image properties after uploading an image) needs to be set to “File URL”. This will link the thumbnail image to the actual image file that the lightbox can display.

    Thanks Archetyped, i re-inserted the images and set to ‘File URL’ and it works a treat :O)

    Case can now be closed

    Great, glad to hear it.

    Hi, I am having the same problem, only the opposite, lightbox appears in pages but not in posts. They are activated in the Media Settings for both, and they link to the image itself:

    Page With Lightbox
    Blog Post Without Lightbox

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    SLB is activated on both the Post and the Page, but the difference appears to be that the image on the Post is not part of the post content itself, whereas the image was inserted into the Page’s content.

    SLB will automatically activate links that are part of a post’s content, but will not modify other images on the site.

    Sadly, SLB is no longer working for me.

    Vintage Straight Razor Restoration Gallery

    Pages and posts just default to the normal take the user to the file setting. Any idea what’s going on?

    It doesn’t look like SLB is not being loaded at the link you provided. Is the plugin activated and enabled?

    No, I deactivated it to save on loading time. I’ll activate it for the next two days or until I hear back from this topic.

    Ok, let me know when you’ve reactivated it. Nothing can be done until the particular issue on your site can be looked into.

    Its active

    It appears that the Sharebar plugin you are using has an error. JS errors can often cause other code on the page to stop working (e.g. SLB).

    This can be confirmed by deactivating the Sharebar plugin and reloading the page to see if SLB is working.

    Fixed the JS error. If anyone is having the sharebar issue, I found the solution here:

    Of course, they didn’t bother to paste in the new code, here it is for easier copying. You need the break in between the lines as well.

    if (jQuery(sharebar).offset() != null)

    Same problem here. When I updated to the newest version, clicking on a photo just takes you to the file instead of the lightbox working. See an example here:

    Any suggestions as to how to fix it?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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