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  • … and that it is only by browser cookies. The documentation ought to explain that a browser with cookies disabled can vote ad infinitum.

    2. Please add a display_comment_karma() function and a display_post_karma() function somewhere in the plugin so the blog admin doesn’t need to paste so much code to her theme. By the way, function_exists() is faster and better than querying the list of active plugins, i.e., if (function_exists('display_post_karma')) display_post_karma();.

    3. Height and width attributes greatly help recent browsers render images quickly. The plugin’s img tags don’t have them.

    4. createTable() may conflict with other plugins; please rename it.

    5. Version 0.11 references a /plugins/SimpleKarma/public.css that doesn’t exist.

    6. You might be able to save some WP memory by calling some require_once()s only when is_admin() is true.

    7. Check out register_script() for the javascript file, and the delete_post action and the delete_comment action for avoiding orphans.

    8. An “uninstall” feature would be cool, too.

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  • Thanks for your suggestions. We’ll look into making some of the changes you suggest. Couple comments:

    1. The Choice to use cookies was made to get around situations where several computers may be sharing the same IP address. Ultimately we may implement both cookie and IP based tracking. If cookies are not enabled than we will log the IP. There does not seem to be a perfect solution to this issue.

    2. There is some setup required when initializing the class for use in any given context. We can look into adding some accelerator methods but I don’t think the current code requirements are all that onerous.

    3. Height and width seem like obvious benefits.

    4, 5, 6, 7, 8. All Good points, thanks for the advice. We’ll look into making a new release with these suggestions.


    1. Cookie, username and then IP, may I add.

    2. if (function_exists('display_post_karma')) display_post_karma(); would be the only code to add to one’s theme. display_post_karma() will not be an accelerator method; it would be like createTable().

    1. Username is not in our use case but that would be a good addition for the rest of the world.

    2. A method that takes advantage of The Loop and covers the primary use case does sound like a good idea. We can take a look at it.

    We made made changes that cover several of your easier suggestions. I’ll post those soon.

    We also encountered a problem with the latest MU and its option “white list” which is not well documented and kills our options page. We put a work around in place until the white list is better documented.

    Thanks again for your insights.


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