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  • I see sites where the Share button still works. Why does it works on some sites and not with this plugin.

    I just changed the settings in my plugin not to use the old share button. I now have a recommend and a Send option instead. I don’t like them, the share button was so much more simple and also gave better looking stuff at Facebook. Now Facebook takes only the header pic and use that one in the recommended or liked posts. I went to a great deal of effort to have nice pics for every different posts and well, now I most certainly will need something else, bit the changed settings works for now.

    Plugin Author Erick Hitter



    Some sites may have implemented custom solutions that didn’t use the official Share API. I suspect that since Facebook ended support for the button, support for the custom solutions will end soon as well. For this reason, I opted not to spend time on a workaround figuring that it would be only a temporary and likely poor solution.


    The Share Button is still alive and kicking, what Facebook did remove support for though was the old Javascript SDK, identified by the connect.php or FeatureLoader.js.php endpoints.

    If you absolutely do not want to switch to the officially supported Like Button (which has the same features), then you can easily get the Share Button back by following and using the <fb:share-button> or <div class=”fb-share-button> tags.

    Plugin Author Erick Hitter


    Given the lack of documentation Facebook provides, I won’t be updating my plugin to support the newer API. There’s no telling when Facebook will remove the Share button from the newer API as well, and I don’t want to put users in the position of needing to find a new solution a second time.

    It’s clear Facebook wants users to move to the Like button, and I’m certainly not in a position to fight that decision. Since the Like button has the same functionality as the deprecated Share button, it’s sensible to move to the newer code.


    Yeah it is no longer working! I was using it in a couple of my sites that gets shared over and over (example: [ link removed ]) now is there any working share button?

    The facebook like button does not seem to have the same features.
    We used to click the share button to put our articles from our front page website onto our facebook page. We are unable to do that now.
    Also since I did the recent facebook button update my Linkendin is not working. That may of course be a blip.
    Thanks for letting us know what facebook has done.

    “the officially supported Like Button (which has the same features)”
    “Since the Like button has the same functionality as the deprecated Share button, “

    —> How is the SHARE functionality “the same” as the LIKE?
    SHARING allows to add a personalized intro before sharing, while
    LIKING or REOMMENDING is just a one-click action without seeing what
    you share prior to submitting and then checking out on your FB

    I’ve seen some LIKE buttons in the meantime that do have similar features to the SHARE button (i.e. a pop up window allows you to enter a personalized intro), but others would simply mark the LIKE button as ‘liked’ (by being grayed out after clicking)!

    How would a website visitor be able to tell the difference?
    Not everyone likes to hit ‘like’ not knowing whether or not they will be given the opportunity to add an intro, or wondering what exactly will be posted on their timeline for all to see.

    Anybody knows the latest re: the FB Share button / FB’s position on this?

    The old Share option is available again in this Plugin. 🙂 I have boldy gone for using “send”, “share” and “Like”. All options available both above the posts and under the post and actually everywhere possible. It have done wonders to the social boost my site needed. <3 I could even add more llike-buttons, for comments that is, would probably be a boost as well. 🙂 People like to click like. About 5% of my visitors seems to click “Like” at some page of my site and added up that makes my page a much better visibility at Facebook, even if it is shown only at Timelines.

    Plugin Author Erick Hitter


    While the interaction with the Like button may be different, it does allow users to include a personal message when liking content. Often, the message window appears right after clicking the like button, or by clicking on the button a second time. I haven’t investigated what causes this inconsistency.

    That said, I appreciate the feedback I’ve received on this plugin. As I stated initially, I have no plans to attempt any workarounds or uses of the undocumented share button in the new API. I understand the problems disabling this plugin caused for some users, but I don’t feel comfortable implementing a solution Facebook doesn’t acknowledge just to have them remove that functionality in the future. Uncertainty doesn’t do anyone any good.

    Yeah the buttons are now working super fast again.this is so cool on my site. Thanks plugin creator.

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