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  1. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    hey otto.
    what a coincidence that right now, while I started looking at fb integration you come up with such a plugin.

    if you rae looking for betatesters, I am all yours :-)

    I started with http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordbook/ and http://www.sociable.es/facebook-connect/ but the later one has some issues, so I am looking for something better.

    what features are you planning on adding into your plugin?


  2. Sorry for the delayed response.

    So far, I have the basic facebook connect functionality working. I'm still getting the "simple comments" piece working, but I'm really waiting for WordPress 2.9 to come out, because having comment metadata (which is in WP 2.9) makes it much easier to do avatar support.

    Long term, I'm going to go ahead and write up add-ons for login/authentication via FBConnect, along with anything else I can think of. The goal is to make it a sort of plugin type thing: activate only the pieces you want.

  3. Just added a simple addon to let you easily add a Share button to your posts. It demonstrates how relatively easy it is to add on this sort of thing.

    Hopefully I'll find some time this week to work on it more. :)

  4. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    cool :-)

  5. Added meta info to the share button.

    Added User Status widget.

  6. reface
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Interesting project, and it sounds simple, but how do I enable the modular plugins? The admin panel just displays my API key.

  7. The addon plugins are, in fact, plugins. So go activate them in the plugins area. They all have names like SFC-Whatever.

    If they have any configuration that they need, then that will be added to the SFC admin panel, after you activate them. Only the Share plugin has any extra configuration settings, I think. The User Status widget is just a widget. The Comments addon requires minor theme modification (see the readme.txt file).

  8. reface
    Posted 6 years ago #

    That's what you get when you have 150 plugins installed on a sandbox WordPress installation and just search for "Facebook" to try to find the plugins.

    Sorry for my laziness, but thanks for your quick response!

  9. First stab at login/authentication is in there now. It doesn't actually allow you to login yet, but it does allow you to tie your existing WordPress account to your Facebook account. See your Profile page.

    Actual login will come as soon as I figure out the WordPress auth system. :)

  10. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    wow! great progress. keeping an eye on this plugin :-)

  11. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    btw. here are the 3 plugins I use on a site where I wanted the FB integration, maybe you get some more ideas for future features, depending on what you want to include:

    - http://www.sociable.es/facebook-connect - offers community features, FB share features
    - http://rpxwiki.com/WordpressPlugin - login via FB and others
    - http://www.openparenthesis.org/code/wp - integrates wordpress into your FB account

    and one more idea: I saw that your plugin, is done modular but one ends up with several plugins, wouldn't it be nice to activate just one plugin and have a settigns page where one can activate the other features, just like this plugin does? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/members/

  12. Activating features like that means that all the functionality would be contained in one plugin. I like using the many-plugins concept to make it fast and lean. The bits you don't activate never get loaded up.

    Yes, I could make the base plugin load the others itself, but the problem with that is that it's redundant. WordPress already has a mechanism for loading plugins, why reinvent the wheel by making a plugin a) let you select sub-plugins and b) load them up?

  13. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    ok, no problem. Didn't know the technicalities involved :-) I know that you know better.

    Did you have a look at the other plugins I listed as inspiration?

  14. Yep. Adding a fan box widget, and working on a way to let you publish your blog posts to the Application's Page, as the Wall stream.

  15. Added publishing capabilities. It's manual instead of automatic, but it works and will let you push a post to your Facebook Application's Wall. What's the point? Well, if you have Fans on your Facebook Application, then they will get your Posts as updates on Facebook. Neat, eh?

    I'll automate it soon enough. :)

  16. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    sounds great. does it go the same route as the other plugins which require you to create an application on facebook, then copy over those API codes into the wordpress plugin?

  17. Yes, but it guides you through it. Creating an app is a two step process now anyway.

  18. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    oh. so publishing doesn't publish to my wall but rather to my apps wall?

    do you know of a palce to get up to date with FB terms and explanations? I started using Fb integration only a couple of weeks ago and am pretty confused as to how, walls, profiles, groups, communities, pages and fans play together :-(

  19. No, I don't know of a good place to learn the terminology. Took me a while to get it myself.

    Basically there's three kinds of things you need to understand.

    1. Profile - This is a user's page. Easy, it's a person. Friendship is two way.

    2. Fan Page - This can be a person or a company or an abstract thing.. Anybody can create them, friendship is one-way, with people becoming "fans" of the thing. Posts made to the page show up to their fans as "Updates", in a special area of the inbox.

    3. Application - This is a program that runs within Facebook to some degree. Basically, it's a website that can use parts of the Facebook API. Apps are like Fan Pages to a large degree (they can have fans, they have their own set of wall and info tabs, etc), but they also can run custom code on their sites and have it appear on Facebook.

    The first two are entirely contained within Facebook. Since you're a third party site, you want to be an application. Yes, you can make the publish go to your own profile or show up as you, etc, but you can do that in other ways already. The Share button lets you do that. The point of publishing is to make your content appear on Facebook in a special place, where people can interact with it there. Your "Fans" will then be able to receive it through Facebook, or at least links to it through there. Driving traffic back to you, hopefully.

    Here's my Application's page for my blog, to give you an example:

    You'll see that the "Go To Application" button links back to my site

  20. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    thanks, that was pretty enlightening. this plugin: http://www.sociable.es/facebook-connect offers the option to invite friends after logging in via FB and calls those a community... I guess thats not a term officially used by Fb as there seems no connection except that well, they were invited !?

    How exactly does a FB group tie into all this?

    And sorry for highjacking the thread but as I opened it I guess I can go off topic as long as you're willing, otherwise we'll just stick to the original topic: your plugin :-)

  21. Inviting friends is something that Facebook does offer. Basically, it invites them to join the Application as well. "Community" isn't a FB term that I know of.

    When people connect to your site via Facebook Connect, they're granting your Application specific permissions. Namely, the ability to get their user information and such. That permission granting makes them a user of your Application.

    Inviting their friends is a Facebook specific thing that can be implemented (rather easily, I think). This just lets them send messages to their friends saying "hey, come check out this Application", basically. Not sure it makes sense in terms of a site's Facebook Connect application, as really it'd be people inviting their friends to come check out your website. I've have to test the idea, see how it works.

    Anyway, when a user connects to your site, you get their Facebook user profile number. By keeping track of these, you can determine who is using your application. So that's what that plugin means by "community": The total list of users that have ever "connected" to your site.

    The way it does it is by creating additional WordPress users for every new Facebook user. I specifically did not want that, so my plugin does not keep track of these numbers. I could keep track of them and show that community box, but I haven't yet. Nobody's asked for it. Personally, I like the idea of Fans better. But that's me. :)

    My main focus has been for a single-user blog type site, I haven't considered multiple WP users much as of yet.

    FB Groups are wholly different things, entirely within FB itself. Normal FB users can join groups and post messages and such in those groups.

  22. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    okk I started now my first tests and am getting confused from the start:

    your plugin states: ´Can't find your key?

    1. Get a list of your applications from here: Facebook Application List´

    I went there, had to grant ´developer´ access to my profile then I can ´set up a new application´ from that page via http://www.facebook.com/developers/createapp.php or follow the link you gave in your plugin which is: http://developers.facebook.com/setup.php

    which one is the right one? they seem very similar but totally different :-(

    for now I followed the link from your plugin but confusion again: your plugin asks for ´Facebook API Key and Facebook Application ID´ but the facebook page I land on after enabling the connect feature gives me ´API Key and Secret´ is the secret value the Application ID??

    ###edit### found my Application ID here: http://www.facebook.com/developers/apps.php

  23. Ovidiu
    Posted 6 years ago #

    one more addition: what else do I need to do with my application? I see this i.e. ´Once you have completed your application, you may submit it to the Application Directory.´ does that increase my ´fame´?
    how else do you customize your application? How to allow other users to use it? what could they do with it? What exactly is hte benefit of this application or does it only serve the purpose to allow me to post to my wall/profile?

  24. Einstein2808
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have not updated my page to the 2.9 beta, will I have problems using the plugins with 2.8.6?

  25. Einstein2008: The plugin won't work with 2.8 in all respects. It requires 2.9.

    Ovidiu: Submitting the app does nothing of benefit for you, I think. How you use the FB App after that is really up to you. I made it into my sort of "Fan page" on Facebook. Works well, and my blog posts get published to it.

  26. Ovidiu
    Posted 5 years ago #

    sorry to reopen this thread, but I am missign a feature I kind of remember reading that you had added:

    is there a widget that shows the last logged in visitors with avatar from facebook?

  27. No, but that's a neat idea.

    Like show the last X avatars of people who... did what? Logged in? Commented? Connected?

    Commented would be easiest. You could exclude site users (like anybody with a login to WP) easily.

  28. Ovidiu
    Posted 5 years ago #

    kind of what this plugin does: http://www.sociable.es/facebook-connect/

    shows the last visitors to the site that were logged into facebook and visited the site. The plugin author calls it the community or similar. doesn't matter what its called...

    But your ideas: logged in? commented? visited? sound great.

    Take it as inspiration :-)

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