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  • This plug-in was great until I upgraded… now most options no longer work and it also slows down my blog. I think I’m going to remove it for good since I haven’t had any good feedback from the creator.

    Instead of helping me he kind of wrote off the errors as something I could easily change on Facebook. I tried and tried but I never got anything to work. I am a web developer and know a few coding languages so I’m not an ignorant fool yet after messing around for hours I never got this work properly.

    I’m going to remove this plug-in and see if my blog speeds up!

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Well, it works fine for me and about 15,000 other people. We use SFC here on, matt uses it…

    I don’t know what the specific issue you’re having is, but there’s nothing really wrong with the plugin.

    HOW is it working for you? What did you do to tweak it? Since the 3.1 update nothing has worked. I am uninstalling this plug-in and as you can tell many other people have reported it as broken.

    In the business world you must take all feedback and thank people for their input and help them find a solution. I’m not making this up… why would I? What purpose would that serve? You must be able to take criticism in stride and turn around and offer help. That is how you gather supporters as opposed to deserters.

    Nothing personal, I’m just trying to fix a problem with a broken plug-in on my website.

    Thanks for a great app up until 3.1! 🙂

    Thank you Otto!

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    I have installed the plugin on my own site, on other people’s sites, and even here on I installed it for Matt’s site. So I don’t know what problems you’re having with it, but I assure you that it does work.

    For example, if you examine WordPress’s page on Facebook, you’ll see the posts from the News section on this site also get crossposted there. SFC-Publish is what is doing that crossposting.

    As for feedback, I get feedback on SFC *constantly*, as in dozens of emails per day. Mostly from people asking me to add features or how to modify it to work differently in some fashion. Sometimes people send me useful patches even.

    I haven’t really “tweaked” it in any way. It works with 3.1 the same way it worked with 3.0. No changes are necessary. It just works. People report it as “broken” usually because they configure their Facebook Application wrong and then blame it on the plugin. That’s like 80% of the reported issues. Heck, I have an automated response setup just for that problem.

    So, while I do believe that you’re not making it up, without actual details on what problems you’re experiencing, I can’t offer you sound advice on how to correct those problems. What is the exact nature of the problem?

    Thank you for asking Otto! 🙂

    If I enable the function that auto-posts on Facebook, as soon as I PUBLISH a new post it drops me into an error screen. I don’t have the info to COPY PASTE right now because I disabled SFC for now to limit ongoing issues. After the error screen it looks like my post PUBLISHED OK in wordpress, but it doesn’t do anything with Facebook. I still have to manually post to Facebook which I don’t mind, but it would be cool if it worked.

    I can’t remember the other errors I was having, but as soon as I have more info available you can bet I will post it on here ASAP.

    Thanks for listening Otto! Your app does kick serious wordpress booty all over the place like a ninja php coding samurai, it’s just since 3.1 or perhaps a change in Facebook that caused these issues. I disabled most of my plugins just to see if it was a plugin conflict but that didn’t fix it either.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    The usual suspect with the auto-publish is a lack of credentials. When you enable it again and do the permissions dance, make sure to SAVE the page afterwards. The act of saving the settings causes the SFC-Publish plugin to go talk to Facebook and get the necessary keys and such. When it has those keys, you’ll see a “ready to go” message on the settings screen. If it’s lacking those keys you get an error on publish, because it can’t talk to Facebook properly.

    Note: 1.0 won’t have this same problem. Been working on it off and on for a year, and the publish bit works perfectly, it’s all the other bits that barely work. 😉

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