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  • I installed the base plugin and enabled a bunch of different sub-plugins I might want to use. Some work and some don’t.

    The fan box widget works.
    The live stream widget works.
    The activity feed widget works.
    The upcoming events widget does not work.
    The Publish buttons do not appear. (I get the “If you see this your javascript is messed up” message [paraphrased].)

    The other sub-modules I have not tried.

    Because some of it works, I have to assume that my app is set up properly. I have checked and double checked the settings, and nothing seems to make the rest of it work. I do have other plugins installed (NextGen Gallery, Events Manager, Newsletter, Top10) but I have stripped them all out at one time or other, and it made no difference.

    I have gone back to the basic theme as well, also making no difference.

    I have read every post I can find on this, and none of it helps the modules that don’t work.

    On the Publish buttons on the Edit Posts page, Firebug reports no errors.

    I’m on a WIMP server (windows 2003, IIS 6, MySQL 5.0.45, and PHP 5.2.4.

    WordPress otherwise works fine, as do 99% of the other PHP apps I’ve installed on this server.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Because some of it works, I have to assume that my app is set up properly.

    Not really a valid assumption. Not all pieces use all parts of the application.

    Specifically, the publish in particular is very vulnerable to the “wrong URL” problem. If you used the wrong URL in the FB Application, then it won’t work.

    And by “wrong URL”, I mean you used any URL that is not your real, actual, live URL. That includes wrong case in the URL, or you put in a www when there really is no www in your URL… that sort of thing.

    OK here’s what the problem was:

    The URL in the application was correct.

    However the site was not yet live. On IIS, you can set several index documents, and set the preferred order. Before any of my PHP sites goes live, I set the order as follows:

    index.htm (kept for some people who still use this archaic extension)

    Then, when you visit ‘http://www.domain.tld’, you get the “splash page” rather than the full site. The site can be tested by specifying ‘http://www.domain.tld/index.php’.

    I changed the order of the index documents in the middle of the night as a test, and the Publish, Upcoming Events, and other sub-plugins started to work.

    I had previously tried setting the application URL to ‘http://www.domain.tld/index.php/’ both with and without the trailing slash, and neither worked.

    So for anyone else in this situation, the facebook application seems to need a URL that ends in a directory with a default index document in order to work, not JUST a valid and correct URL.

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