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  • I’ve installed correctly Simple Facebook Connect into my WP 3.0.1 site. I wanted to use the FB user registration feature of the plugin, allowing visitors a one-click registration to WordPress. However, if I activate the plugin modules (base + resgister), when users go to the registration page I can’t see any “connect with facebook” or “register with facebook” option appearing. What’s wrong? If I inspect the outputted html code I can see some FBML generated by the plugin, but not showing up in the browser… I was expecting a button or something… I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I tried to disable other plugins, but didn’t make a difference. Any help? Perhaps the plugin is not compatible with latest 3.0.1?

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  • I think I had a conflict with Customize your Community plugin… I tried to disable and reenable it… seems to work now!

    I wish to have the SFBC plugin working with CYC (customize your community) plugin… When I enable and configure both plugins, SFBC doesn’t show up in the login or register pages created with CYC. Is there a way to call SFBC manually? So I can perhaps edit the CYC plugin and make it work with SFBC. Other plugins seem to work with CYC, such as WP-Recaptcha… Any help? Thanks!

    ps – CYC is a very useful plugin to customize the appearance of login, registration and profile pages to match the WP theme instead using the default admin theme

    Plugin Author Otto

    (@otto42) Admin

    On the normal login pages, there’s a piece of code that looks like do_action('login_form');. SFC places its button there. So if your customized pages call that action, then the button should appear there.

    The thread has been market as resolved but it hasn’t been resolved yet.

    Ok, now I managed to get my custom registration and login pages customized for SFBC plugin.


    1) Now the Facebook Connect button appears in the Login page ONLY. WP registration page doesn’t show any trace of FB connect, except some javascript code visible in the outputted html and a empty div with id “sfc-fb-button”.

    2) When I click on the FB Connect button in the login page, no new user is created. The modal window from Facebook simply redirects to my website main page after I approve the application through my FB account. That’s pretty useless. From the WP-Admin user list I can’t see any new user created..

    I’m lost.

    I have WP 3.0.1, PHP5 and SFBC base+login+register enabled (what I really care about is the ability to user to perform a 1-click registration through facebook)

    I’d really wish to implement this plugin in all my websites if I can make it work…

    ps – I have enabled “anyone can register” from wordpress general options, of course – I tried disabling other plugins, nothing changes – also by disabling customized login/registration pages doesn’t solve the issue, no new user is being created, the registration page doesn’t show a FB button (only some javascript and FBML code plus the empty div i mentioned before)

    Plugin Author Otto

    (@otto42) Admin

    The register plugin doesn’t one click make a new user (although it can, there’s a setting at the top of the code to do that). Instead it causes a failed login to redirect to the register page and then javascript on there fills in the fields for the user.

    So if you have a custom register page, the necessary hooks might not be there for it to do that. The plugin doesn’t know about custom pages, it only knows about the standard WordPress pages.

    oh I see… What if I set define (‘SFC_REGISTER_TRANSPARENT’, true); in wp-config then? Will I necessitate of the hooks still? Is the hook you are mentioning the same do_action(‘login_form’); or another? Perhaps I can still work this out with my custom login/registration pages and include the hooks you’re talking about in my pages: which are these?

    Most of my sites are community sites developed on top of wordpress/bbpress, but showing up the standard WP branded login/registration/profile pages is so ugly and unprofessional, I think.

    thanks a lot for the help, I still hope I can make this work…


    Plugin Author Otto

    (@otto42) Admin

    The transparent does indeed make it into a one-click operation. But I don’t know how that will work with your custom login pages. You may need to hack the plugin to make it work properly.

    I think there’s something wrong with my configuration…

    because even if I disable the custom pages and switch back to normal wp register/login, I can’t get it work either: no user is created, no user is logged in through facebook…

    after I click the FB Connect button from the WP login page, the modal window redirects to the website home, which looks quite useless… the user is not logged in and no user is registered by that point… setting transparent option doesn’t change a thing

    what I could possibly did wrong?

    holy cow, it seems that now it is working… but for some reason it doesn’t work in Google Chrome browser… weird… with Firefox and IE8 seems to work anyway

    however, I didn’t solve the main problem, to make the plugin work with custom login/registration pages… after clicking the FB button and connecting with the website, the form isn’t auto-filled with the user Facebook name/pass… I really really wish I could make it work but have no idea how…

    I think many people are trying to do their custom theme with wordpress as CMS, perhaps a possible innovation of your plugin could be compatibility or instructions for custom themes with customized login/registration pages (I tell just because you mentioned in your plugin readme that you seek suggestions)

    I will try tweaking CYC plugin and my custom pages, I’m not really a developer so I need a bit of luck 🙁


    I’m still lost and i have little time to solve this problem by trial and error or guesses

    is there anyone available for paid assistance to let Otto’s plugin work with CYC? (without modifying SFBC plugin)

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