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    I just setup a new personal blog, mostly to try this functionality out so I can pass it along to clients. I used the old SFC a while back, but can’t seem to get this one working. I’m 99% sure my API and Application strings are correct, and I’ve enabled all options, just so I can see how it works before proceeding. I have no other plug ins, and I’m using Twenty Eleven as my theme…again, just to test things out before going all fancy. LOL

    Any thoughts? Is there something in FB advanced settings I might have missed? I also notice that the app shows up on a FB page that will link to my blog too. I’m befuddled, and I’m sorry to be so vague….any thoughts on where to start?

    Thanks so much Otto! Great work so far. 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    What exactly isn’t working?

    Well, for starters I don’t see the like button before and after the post. I realize I only have one test post up there, but there’s that.

    I also can’t seem to get the widgets to work. like if I want to setup to show my own facebook feed…how does one do that?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Your website’s locale is set to “en”. That’s an invalid locale. The correct locale should be “en_US”… or frankly just blank, since English is the WordPress default.

    The wrong locale on your website means that Facebook isn’t sending back the proper javascript because it doesn’t know that locale.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    BTW, I put a fix for this bad locale problem in trunk. If you use an invalid locale, it will use “en_US” instead of failing.

    Get the updated sfc-base.php file and use it to replace your own.

    Hey! Thanks, man. That looks like it’s moved it along to being fully fixed.

    Now, just a question about the widgets…where do I put in the variable to pull my own facebook feed into the sidebar? Also, there seem to be errors with the facebook live feed widget…I’m not even sure what feed it’s supposed to pull by default.

    But hey, thanks SO MUCH for helping me on that. I’m not sure how the localization happened that way, because it was an automatic installation using Softalicious. I stopped doing manual installations now that I do so many, but I’ll have to check the master settings on my hosting.

    Is it really the case that Facebook forces you to use an invalid language subtag in <html>?

    I have the website in Czech, for which the valid subtag would be “cs”, but in order to make the social plugins work, I had to tweak WordPress to render it as “cs_CZ”.

    (Now the social plugins will render, but they are still displayed in English. Am I getting this wrong and there is a different sort of setting to set up the displayed language? Or does Facebook deteremine it by some other means? I am a bit lost in this.)

    Nonetheless, I think it would be good if the locale for Facebook were taken from somewhere else than the <html> tag – then we could have it valid.

    (I use the list of valid subtags suggested by the W3C validation tool.)

    (I am not even mentioning the fact that by default WordPress sets the subtag to cs-cz, which I think is totally wrong. But there I am not sure who is to be blamed – the author of the Czech localisation or the original WordPress code…)

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    I’ll probably rewrite it to just let you select the language, since I’m discovering that virtually every localization of WP is doing it a different way. 😛

    as of today I can’t publisch my post/page from WP to my FB account
    Don’t know why this happens now for I haven’t change te settings

    I dont see the like/share button too…

    I use the de_DE locale from

    where did u see that the locale is wrong (or where do I edit it 😉 )

    de_DE should be fine for Facebook according to the list here (I’ve just noticed Firefox won’t show the content of this file, Chrome will)

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    In SFC 1.1 you’ll be able to override the FB Locale setting by adding something like this to the wp-config.php file:


    de_DE is a valid locale for Facebook.

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