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  • Hi Otto, et al,

    I’ve spent basically all day trying to get a facebook like icon to work with allowing for comments (using the xfbml). It seems the problem I was having in getting it to work was your SFC core (I also had your SFC comments feature enabled). Only by disabling the core does it work.

    I followed setting it up as described:

    and also tried this approach:

    How to Add Facebook's Like Button & Social Plugins to your WordPress Blog or CMS

    The problem with these techniques to enable the like button using xfbml, as opposed to the iframe version which gives no comment box, is that something in your sfc-base is interferring. In Google Chrome I get no like button while your sfc-base is enabled. In IE8 I get nothing either, but many times I’ll get a “out of memory” popup error (always saying line 10). Again, all of these problems instantly disappear and my like button works well enough once the sfc-base and associated items are disabled, but the base is the problem I think.

    I’m happy I found the cause, but sad that I cannot use your facebook connect feature for comments, unless this is a quick fix or you have some suggestions?


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  • SFC currently uses the old connect libraries which is not compatible with the newer javascript api libraries.

    Version 1.0 will use the new libraries. There’s a beta of it in the SVN which you can use if you like.

    The beta version uses the XFBML like button.

    I’d be happy to toy w/ the beta… what is this SVN? Where do I find the beta?

    oh, and when do you expect the version 1.0 to be available as a full release?

    Test version is here:

    You may notice that it’s woefully incomplete.

    As for when it’s available, well, when I get some time to finish it. 🙂

    Thanks Otto. I replaced the sfc.php and sfc-base.php and now my hard-coded xfbml like button works fine.

    The only extra plugin I’m using from you is the sfc-comments.php. Unfortunately, you’ve not yet updated that file, and the old one does not work with the new base, though it nearly does:

    It successfully puts the login button on the page, successfully allows the user to login, and successfully alerts them that they are logged in. The only thing it is not doing is filling in the name, email, url info or thumbnail image, so that the form is not filled in, and thus the user still cannot post. (If you try, it gives the error that name and email are required.)

    I don’t suppose you have any off the cuff ideas on how to fix this? I’d love to get it to work early if I could, before your release. Otherwise, may I be so bold as to suggest you perhaps make this the next file you work on for the update?

    Yeah, the old stuff is utterly incompatible with the new stuff. Don’t even try it.

    Comments will come soon.

    Okay, thanks. I’ll keep my eye out for an update to facebook connect. In the meantime, I’ve just re-enabled your older version, as I want the comments login, and disabled the new xfbml like button, as I find it buggy anyhow (sometimes the pop up does not appear, esp. on IE8).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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