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  • Hi, I just tested out a post from WP to FB Fan page after installing and using the Flowplayer video plugin, and it seems that the code to call the flowplayer is being passed to the FB page, thus showing the “html” instead of just the text of the wp this:

    video test post
    testing mp4 video with flowplayer, posting to facebook fanpage will allow the following code to pass through and be displayed along with this, the desired actual text. [flowplayer src=’′ width=320 height=240]

    Ive tried deleting the FP code and reinserting while in html mode of the editor, using the following code and even w/o the paragraph tags, but the FP code still shows on FB.

    <p>testing mp4 video with flowplayer, posting to facebook fanpage will allow the following code to pass through and be displayed along with this, the desired actual text.</p>
    <p>[flowplayer src='' width=320 height=240]</p>

    Is there a way for the SFC plugin to block custom html or shortcode from being passed to FB page?

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Actually, the SFC plugin tries to process all shortcodes, so that it can get the actual content being produced.

    However, some plugins try to be too smart and don’t include their shortcode processing functions in the admin sections. Nextgen Gallery also falls into this category.

    You should talk to the flowplayer plugin authors and tell them to include their shortcode handling code even in the admin section. This way, the SFC Publish plugin can use their existing code to convert that shortcode into the normal HTML, and then perhaps even recognize the data in it and show it off on Facebook in a proper manner. For example, if the shortcode produces an normal IMG tag as a preview, then that image could even show up on facebook as a thumbnail.

    BTW, I can’t actually remove the shortcode, because I can’t tell the difference between a shortcode that isn’t being processed and just normal text inside brackets. If I was to just remove everything in square brackets, then some people would get upset with that too. The only difference between the two is that shortcodes are declared by plugins, but if flowplayer was declaring the shortcode, then the SFC plugins would be able to process it as a shortcode already.

    Thanks Otto42. I figured it was something to do with the flowplayer code string, but was just in hopes of it being a simple adjustment that I could add somewhere. Like a custom ‘ignore this code’ entry.

    Im doing self hosted video, which Ive noticed seems to be rather limited for choices of players. Flowplayer seems to work pretty well and so far doesnt trigger validation errors, but if there are any other suggestions for a better self hosted alternative, Im certainly open for it.

    In the meantime, I will try to get FP attention to this issue so that a possible solution can be arranged.
    Ive made a related post to that effect.. HERE
    BTW…I didnt realize there was more than one ‘flowplayer’ plugin, so just to clarify..the one Im referring to is the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin.

    Thanks Again.

    Hi Otto, can u help me?, i’m installing your facebook connect aplication in my blog and run’s perfectly but when i publish in the facebook wall don´t see a thumbnail in the wall and i check all settings of my facebook aplication, and the configuration of the plug-in and i don’t see any problem. u can see the aplication running in the following link

    ¿Can u say me how i add the thumbnail in a wall?


    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    They’ve actually sent me an updated version of this, but I don’t use it and so haven’t gotten around to testing it yet. Ask them, they can send you a version that they think works.

    Also note that SFC does not do thumbnails of video yet, period. Just images. So this update, in theory, just makes it so the shortcode won’t show up.

    Thanks for your help with this Otto.
    Im glad you were able to work with FV Flowplayer to get things fixed.
    However, I just tried all updated latest versions available with wp3 and still get a fatal error between SFC and Flowplayer.
    I dont know what the issue is and Im sorry that I didnt pay attention to the exact error, but Im am DONE with the FV FP video plugin because of all the hassle its caused. Im still using SFC and have no issues with it..but I simply must find a video option that isnt so problematic regarding conflicts with other plugins.
    Thank you for your efforts tho and maybe that will help them get it right for future users, but Im out of patience.

    Hi Everyone,

    HTC2010’s issues was fixed in close collaboration with Otto eons ago.

    We support our plugins very actively but on our own site. In this case at FV WordPress Flowplayer.

    Thanks everyone for trying Foliovision’s FV plugins!

    Making the web work for you, Alec Kinnear

    Sorry to differ Alec, but even if the code string issue was ultimately corrected..when I tested the plugin as reported above..I STILL encountered errors..just as stated. Due to that, and the time that had passed without any progress prior to that reply..I switched to JW Player, and have had no further conflicts or errors with SFC or any other plugin related to the video plugin.
    I would suggest that you try to devote a small amount of time to reported issues HERE as well as your own site support tho, because imho..the WP Forum support system is much easier to find specific info.
    Good Luck with it.

    Hi HTC2010,

    The shortcodes issue has long since been corrected together with Otto’s help. Please be careful about publishing false information about the plugins of developers who put in thousands of hours per year supporting open source. It’s discourteous to say the least.

    Glad JWplayer is working for you. JWplayer has its own issues: fortunately they don’t disturb you (every single plugin is at an additional cost, for instance, the original player is crippleware).

    Support for FV WordPress Plugins is at and will remain there forever. If anyone would like a quick reply, our turnaround at is two to forty-eight hours. We do not monitor on a regular basis and won’t be changing that. With five commercial grade plugins and dozens of websites under management, will have to look after itself.


    Making the web work for you, Alec

    I am absolutely NOT ‘publishing FALSE information’ Alec. And if you want to throw that “discourteous” word around, then it should be directed back at yourself for that remark. I reported ONLY what transpired..nothing more, nothing less. If that does not suit you, just get over it and stop trying to sugarcoat what was a real and truthful report of my experience.

    Your reply times at your onsite support was not an issue really, but the action taken on this issue in particular was slow at best.
    I really did like the features of your plugin, but, that was overshadowed by the issue with your code passing through to Facebook, the time it took to correct it, and the other fatal errors encountered while trying new updates..all this ultimately pushed my patience over the edge.
    I am not saying everyone will have problems…only that I did at that time.
    Please stop trying to make me look like the bad guy.

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