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  • Doing the remote install via the Admin GUI (Add New, Search “Simple Facebook Connect”, then Install) will offer (after downloading and unpacking) a link to activate the plugin.

    This is WordPress Installation API.

    The activation link does not work: It will display an error message to first enable some base plugin.

    I know that this is type of a borderline error report, but the plugin should successfully handle the activation of the base plugin then with that activation link.

    I think that should be possible. Thanks so far for the plug.


    Related Report:

    Error Message is:
    “The base SFC plugin must be activated before this plugin will run.”

    Additional Info:
    I am unable to locate the “base SFC plugin” right away after installing the plugin. Maybe I’m just dumb today, but I think it’s worth the feedback. Searching for “base” on the backends plugin page (the long listing) does not reveal anything related to SFC.

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  • To solve this Problem look for the Plugin Named “Plugin Name: Simple Facebook Connect” (Full Plugin Name) and activate it.

    Yes, you have to enable the main plugin before you can enable the sub-plugins.

    Read the readme.txt file.

    Also, I can’t fix what the Admin GUI does. This is a multiple-plugin plugin, and that thing activates the wrong one. No way for me to fix that.

    I’m running 2.9.2 on PHP5 and I receive a fatal error message when I try to activate the “Simple Facebook Connect” base plugin. It says there was a parse error on line 207 of sfc.php.

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘{‘

    Yup, i get the same error on line 207 trying to activate the base plugin.

    I have the same problem. This plugin was working fine when I designed the wordpress blog in my localhost, but when I upload the complete new blog to my server (a hosting server), this pluging give many problems. I deleted and then reinstall. Now I can’t activate becouse I have this error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /usr/home/xxxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/simple-facebook-connect/sfc.php on line 207”

    I have install BNS SMF Feed and it doesn’t work in my hosting server (it worked fine in my localhost installation). Could be the same problem?… I tested the curl extension, and it is install in the server…..

    If you get the error on line 207, then you are not running PHP 5.

    It’s that simple, really. PHP 5 supports the try/catch mechanism, which is what is on line 207. So, you get that error because your PHP (which is NOT version 5) doesn’t understand it.

    Please read the requirements here. PHP 5 is not optional.

    Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    I am running this plugin on my server for a client as well as a side project and it works wonderfully! I did a review for it on Thank you Otto!

    With regards to this, I’ve implemented a solution that will be in version 0.21 (or whatever number I come up with). It’ll now tell you if you’re not running PHP 5 instead of giving you that weird error.

    I have PHP 5 but cannot instal the plug-in. I am getting the same fatal error message but with reference to Line 210.

    Sorry, that should read ‘I can install but cannot activate it’.

    If you get the error with reference to line 210, then you are not running PHP 5.

    It’s that simple.

    The next version has a better check for this, so that it will not only tell you that it’s not going to work because you lack PHP 5, but it will tell you exactly what version of PHP you do have.

    Otto, just some more background info: I did know that I had to activate the base/main plugin but my problem was to locate it :D. So I needed to actually find out the correct name to search for it with the built-in search function in my browser.

    Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    @hakre – I just installed this on a 4th client’s site without a problem….using the one-click install in the WordPress admin panel. This is the second outside my own server.

    Should not be a problem unless you have some conflicting plugins or as Otto has said, your server is not geared for WordPress or this plugin properly.

    I’m wondering if this is the problem I’m having, or perhaps it’s another. I’m running a pretty fresh install of 2.9.2 with BuddyPress. When I installed SFC I did get the error message described, but the base module and all the optional modules do appear in my plugin list. I activated just two – the Base module plus the Login and the Register ones, and nothing seems to appear on my site. Maybe I’m missing something, and I admit to being a noob about wordpress and buddypress, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Is my problem an older version of PHP? Or is it BuddyPress? Or is it PEBCAK?

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