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    Hi all, I’m having a little problem, I’m writing a simple page template for a Facebook Canvas Page.

    Adding multiple comments forms for multiple posts on a same page is easy with wordpress and I have no problems until I’m logged in WP normally

    If I logout from WP and try login with facebook I can comment only on the first post of the list, on the other posts I see the “connect with facebook” button, but I’m already connected and connecting again does nothing..

    here is my sample page:

    what am I doing wrong??

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Make sure that your URL in your facebook application settings is the base URL which all the URLs share. Probably for you.

    Facebook sets cookies on your site with that URL, and that’s how it knows you’re logged in or not.

    thankyou for you answer Otto, I know that, and it’s working in my site.

    I need to explain the problem better.

    I can login with facebook and comment in single.php

    but I have created a page with 5 posts and every post have comments displayed below. Just like in a facebook wall page where you can comment for every item you have.

    What happen there is that I can comment only on the first post! Other posts out of the wp-query shows “login with facebook” but cannot comment there…( unless I’m logged on WP normally )

    you can see what I’m trying to describe here:

    as a side question I’m even triyng to create a filter for the the function <?php comment_form(); ?>
    like you explained here:

    I would like to add

    <div id="comment-user-details"><br />
    <?php do_action('alt_comment_login'); ?><br />

    around the comment form, have you some hint for that?

    I think the problem is with this jQuery

    // Show their FB details TODO this should be configurable, or at least prettier...<br />
    	if (!jQuery('#fb-user').length) {<br />
    		jQuery('#comment-user-details').hide().after("<span id='fb-user'>" +<br />
    		"<fb:profile-pic uid='loggedinuser' facebook-logo='true' size='small' height='30'></fb:profile-pic>" +<br />
    		"<span id='fb-msg'><strong><fb:intl>Hi</fb:intl> <fb:name uid='loggedinuser' useyou='false'></fb:name>!</strong><br /><fb:intl>You are connected with your Facebook account.</fb:intl>" +<br />
    		"<a href='#'>\"); return false;'>Logout</a>" +<br />
    		"</span></span>");<br />
    		jQuery('#sfc_comm_send').html('<input style="width: auto;" type="checkbox" id="sfc_comm_share" /><label for="sfc_comm_send"><fb:intl>Share Comment on Facebook</fb:intl></label>');<br />
    	}<br />

    Probably I’m wrong, I’m not a javascript expert, but I think this work only for the first instance and do nothing with the rest… maybe

    ok really it IS working, and you can comment, but appear like it is not because it doesn’t hide the #comment-user-detail. and the “connect with facebook” button.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Ah, yes. There is an inherent assumption there that there’s only one comment section per web page.

    and.. probably it doesn’t change #comment-user-detail beacuse it is an ID and not a class and Ids are supposed to appear only once per page..

    that’s drive me back to my secondary question.

    ho do I crate a filter for the comment_form function to change the container id/class?

    ok .. I was getting crazy because I tought that the ID comment-user-detail was some default in wordpress and couldn’t fint it, until I got you definet it in the sfc-comments.php.

    what I have done is changing

    add_action('comment_form_before_fields', 'comment_user_details_begin',1,0);
    function comment_user_details_begin() { echo '<div id="comment-user-details">'; }


    add_action('comment_form_before_fields', 'comment_user_details_begin',1,0);
    function comment_user_details_begin() { echo '<div class="comment-user-details">'; }


    then I changed to a class the “sfc_comm_send” too and defined:

    this way the “share comment on facebook” checkbox is displayed for every post.

    don’t know why it’s not selected by default now, but this already is a big step on for me :p

    I’m only scared that if you udate the plugin I will lose all those changes now…

    well I can say that the issue is solved after changing the div ids to classes, I can’t notice any issue.

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