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[Resolved] [Plugin: Simple Facebook Connect] Login shortcode

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  • No, there is not. The plugin is not very modular in this way, and will require tinkering to move the login form anywhere else.

    It would be nice to have a shortcode or function call option though.

    I am just at the same point, integrating the login button inside my own login layer. Can anyone tell what┬┤s the best way to integrate the fb login button inside my layer?

    @mario.rexin – this plugin is designed with limited capabilities in mind – hence the “Simple” in the name. If you’re looking to put the login button elsewhere, check out WP-FB-AutoConnect, which has a simple function call you can put anywhere in your templates.

    The name of this plugin is actually quite misleading ­čÖé The plugin is quite powerful and feature-rich. There are just a few more additions that I would like to see in it…

    Thanks for the link to FB Auto Connect, ericlewis

    Thanks, even it┬┤s not what I expected ­čÖé

    So, I will try a mix up of both plugins as I wanted the features of Simple Facebook Connect and the simpleness of the FB-AutoConnect button integration.

    Otto, if I put the following code (copied from Firebug on WP login page) in a text widget, do you think it will create a functional FB login button?

    <fb:login-button onlogin="window.location.reload();" scope="email,user_website" v="2">
    <a class="fb_button fb_button_medium">
    <span class="fb_button_text">Bejelentkez├ęs</span>

    I gathered some courage and tried it.

    This is what I get: login button screenshot

    Basically, I get 2 buttons – the one on left (marked by red circle in above screenshot for clarity) shows only partly. And then there is a full, proper login button with Login written on it (in Hungarian language in my screenshot).

    The partially showing button seems to work as intended. The full, proper button seems to be linked but clicking on it doesn’t do anything…

    Firebug tells me that the code being output is

    <fb:login-button v="2" scope="email,user_website" onlogin="window.location.reload();">
    <a class="fb_button fb_button_medium">
    <span class="fb_button_text"></span>
    <a class="fb_button fb_button_medium">
    <span class="fb_button_text">Bejelentkez├ęs</span>

    Notice the repetition of the fb_button fb_button_medium class, first without button text and then with…

    So I removed
    <a class="fb_button fb_button_medium"><span class="fb_button_text">Bejelentkez├ęs</span></a>
    from the code I had put in the text widget, and seems that with
    <fb:login-button onlogin="window.location.reload();" scope="email,user_website" v="2"></fb:login-button>
    it is generating a good button.

    Otto! Any plans to provide a login shortcode?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    WordPress.org Tech Dude

    No, not going to happen.

    OC2PS, so that code is creating a functional Facebook login button? I haven’t tried it yet. If so, you should be able to generate your own shortcode using the “ShortCodes UI” plugin. Let me know if this works if you try it out before I get to it, thanks.

    Hi there,
    i’m a newbe and i’ve done a bit of research before deciding to contact you. Sorry if this topic has been already posted and discussed somewhere else.
    I’m using Simple Facebook Plugin plugin inside Themify’s Pinboard Theme. I’ve successfully installed and set it with my app ID and Secret but when i try to connect into my wp-login.php page it opens the pop-up and closes it right after. Here’s the link so you can see what i mean.
    Do you think is a theme problem? And if so, could you be so kind to tell me if there’s a solution in order to dodge this kind of conflict?
    Many thanks in advanced!


    This is an unrelated discussion to the topic. Please open up a new support topic to ask your question.

    @eric Andrew Lewis

    Thanks for the reply!

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