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Simple Facebook Connect
Login Redirects Back To "Register For This Site" (28 posts)

  1. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    First, let me apologize if this was already discussed. I did try and find a topic related to this issue but didn't locate one - user error I'm sure. AND I'm certain it's something boneheaded that I am doing, so I'll apologize for that too.

    The issue as stated in the title is just that. If you hit:


    and follow thru with using facebook to log in, it returns you to


    Every other aspect of the plugin seems to work just fine for me, this is why I'm sure it's something I overlooked. Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance. I certainly do appreciate the work and effort you've put into this plugin. Real slick.



  2. Jacques Letesson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Same problem here!

    It works before, certainly something to do with a facebook update...

  3. Samuel Wood (Otto)
    WordPress.org Tech Dude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Have you connected your FB account to your WP account already? Log in normally, then go to Users->Your Profile and connect the two accounts there.

  4. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey again Otto
    Yep, the WP account & FB are connected.

    My FB page is https://www.facebook.com/maximurdok

    jk_ brought up the facebook update ( good point! ), and I just now had a thought about the https
    Do you think either would be effecting the plugin? I have the new timeline layout on my facebook page ( why I included the link )

    Like I said, seems to me that everything else ( as in sidebar widgs I'm using & Like ) is working just fine, its pulling feeds and allowing "like" to follow thru - its just reversing back on itself with the login from the wp-login - I've had a couple friends try it out as well with the same results.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks for the quick follow up.


  5. whappo
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I was having very strange things happening with facebook login redirecting back to the login page but not logging in...
    finally had to pull the plug(in).
    Hoping this is fixed soon!

  6. Samuel Wood (Otto)
    WordPress.org Tech Dude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Nothing wrong with the plugin as far as I know, so without more information on the problem, then I have to say it's not likely to be fixed soon.

  7. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I don't know what other information I could possibly share. If I'm missing something please let me know and I'll share additional info.

    Under WordPress>Users>Your Profile>Facebook Connect - everything seems in order. It's connected.

    In WordPress>In the plugs settings for SFC token checks I have:

    User ID and Access Token found! Automatic profile publishing is ready to go!
    Application Access Token found! Automatic application wall publishing is ready to go!
    Fan Page Access Token found! Automatic fan page publishing is ready to go!

    Should there be more? Are these all the tokens?

    Can you rule out the recent FB update causing this issue. Can you also rule out my FB's https setting as a possible cause? I got nothing else that I can pin point. I've spent a fair amount of time going over all the settings. I shut down anything I thought may conflict with SFC...anything that had anything to do with facebook, such as Meebo toolbar. Does a list exist anywhere with possible conflicting plugins?

    And please, correct me if I am wrong - would a new user to my site have to first register for the site ( as normal, as in prior to installing the plugin ), then go to their User Settings and enable WP<->FB connect in order to connect to the site using FB in the future? Just curious.

    I know supporting plugins, especially free ones gets old fast - so I really do appreciate your time Otto. Seriously. I have no problem contributing to your beer fund if we can figure this issue out. That would be the least I could do.

    Again, thanks!


  8. dotMastaz
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Same problem,
    i'm always redirected to "/wp-login.php?action=register"


  9. Samuel Wood (Otto)
    WordPress.org Tech Dude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    If it's sending you to action=register, then you have the registration module activated and you don't have the WP account and the FB accounts connected. I cannot see any other way that this is possible to occur.

    would a new user to my site have to first register for the site ( as normal, as in prior to installing the plugin ), then go to their User Settings and enable WP<->FB connect in order to connect to the site using FB in the future?

    No. When they register using their FB credentials, the account gets automatically connected to their Facebook user, so it already starts connected.

  10. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok,...so now it's working.
    I just logged in to continue troubleshooting and it didn't double back on itself.

    Logged in like butter.

    I wish I had something to post for others having this same issue, but regrettably I don't know why it started working. Very strange, but I'm not gonna complain. Just wish I knew what would cause this issue in the first place.

    Guess all I can say is install it, and leave it be for a while. Everything is working fine.


  11. Ethan Shaw
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue. If I install a fresh copy it works for one login and then goes back to redirecting all logins to the registration page.

    If anyone is interested in hunting down the bug I will pay you. PM me. I really love this plugin otherwise.

  12. Zlatev
    Posted 4 years ago #

    For me the problem was that i was logged in facebook. So i guess some cookies are messing things up. Tried a different browser just to be sure and indeed it worked as it should. To be more specific, what is causing this is triggering action "sfc_login_new_fb_user". In sfc-register.php, "sfc_register_redirect()" is hooked to it and is doing wp_redirect(site_url('wp-login.php?action=register', 'login'));
    That's happening in lines 10-14.

  13. Ken of Kentropolis
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Same problem as everyone else. I actually did a restore on the server account from a backup just to get into my admin panel. Yeah, I should have FTP'd in and removed the plugin, but whatever ...

    I love this plugin, Otto, but I just can't use the register capability (or have it turned on). If 'entr' is correct, this will pose a problem for many people. Fortunately, we decided not to allow registrations and have posters use Facebook.

    There's only one other issue with the plugin, but that's for another thread. Otherwise, I am very optimistic about using it long term and definitely buying you a beer if I can get the rest working.

  14. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Cookies! I never thought of that. Entr's suggestion is a good one. Love to know what Otto thinks. So I've been trying to figure out why this started working for me all of a sudden - I didn't change browsers, nothing different. So I dunno. I just installed this again, on a different site, different server.

    I started having the same issues as before. What I did this time was un-install a few things. This wasn't my site, I was helping a friend with her existing site. What I shut down was a Meebo plugin, it had a Facebook doodad on it, I believe a "LIKE" feature. And she also had a comment plugin for Facebook that wasn't being used. Seeing how really those were redundant anyway and she didn't need those any more I shut 'em off, actually I removed both entirely.

    And presto, it worked. BUT, the last time when I installed SFC I didn't have those other plug ins. Honestly it seemed like SFC started working all by itself - which you and I know just doesn't happen. However, I would suggest that you give this plug in a little time regardless. When I did the install Facebook was changing a bunch of things. To totally spit ball an idea - maybe this plug in needs just a little time to get all its ducks in a row from your server, to Facebook's API, to your web browser. I'm sure that'll get a snicker or two but I have no other suggestions, especially since mine seem to just start working after about a week of half assing around.

    Ken of Kentropolis. Not to dis Otto in any way at all, but if you are looking for a social media log in, Google + is a good option and there is a WP plug in floating around here on the WP site. It plays nice with SFC too - I actually have both FB & G+ log ins for my WP site ( http://www.maxmurdok.com/wp-login.php ) The only thing I would like to do is change the graphics to something consistent with WP or my theme.

    No idea if this will help anyone but there ya go....


  15. Samuel Wood (Otto)
    WordPress.org Tech Dude
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    There is indeed a Google plugin now. Works perfectly with SFC. ;)


  16. 285Creative
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Works like a champ too.
    Maybe those having SFC issues should give that one a shot. So far so good for me.

  17. MrJanuszJasinski
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I deleted any sign of my FB account from the site. I registered. I checked the user and I was there. However straight after registration, it chucked me back to the registration page again!

  18. lahirukk
    Posted 4 years ago #

    this still happens..

    if a user doesnt want to register using his facebook account, then he will clear the form and register using his own email. but when he tries to log in using those credentials, it will always redirect to wp-login.php?action=register page. he will never be able to login using those credentials.
    just check this by doing following steps..
    1.clear your browser cookies
    2. go to facebook.com and login
    3. now go to your login/register page. it will show name and public info filled with your fb profile.
    4. okey now you dont want to add your fb acc(there are some people dont like it right?) so you clear the form and fill "choose a username" and security check. then hit register.
    5. now click the login link and see if you able to enter above username and login to site.

    everything else in this plugin works except this part..
    please someone tell me a solution.

  19. mcfmullen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I too am having this problem. Users of my site are reporting that as they click to go to wp-login, they get automatically redirected to the registration form right after the expected login form loads.

    I had my wife attempt to login to my site using her laptp this is what occurred:

    She already has an account on my site, that was already connected to facebook. When she clicked to login to my site (using the standard meta widget in the sidebar), wp-login.php loaded. For half a second, the login form showed up but then disappeared as the page automatically redirected tot he registration page, with her facebook credentials filled in.

    Thinking she had to register for the site again, she chose a username and submitted the form. The page reloaded... and went right back to the registration form. In her e-mail sat her username and password sent by wordpress.

    So she clicked to login at the bottom of the registration form. Wp-login.php loaded and then redirected right back to the registration page.

    Typing in mydomain.com/wp-admin brings her to the registration form as well. In essence, it is impossible for her to log in.

    On the other hand, on my laptop using my admin account (which isn't connected to facebook), none of these problems occur. I can load up the login form without problem.

    I am assuming this is a cookie problem, any ideas how to fix it?

    P.S. Clearing cookies did not solve the problem.

  20. Gabriel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thought I would point out that when you use the "Connect with Facebook" button in comments (if you're using Facebook comments), and assuming your wordpress account is linked to your Facebook account, that this will also log you into your wordpress account normally.

    The answer may lie in the reason that this button works normally, and the /wp-login button does not.

  21. djhsecondnature
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm having the same problem.

    Does anyone have a solution yet?

  22. phpJoel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I had this problem too, and am currently testing with the add_action() call commented out.
    So far, so good..

    It's from the file: sfc-register.php

    //add_action('sfc_login_new_fb_user', 'sfc_register_redirect');
    function sfc_register_redirect() {
    	wp_redirect(site_url('wp-login.php?action=register', 'login'));


  23. faddah
    Posted 3 years ago #

    otto, the problem described here, of being stuck in a loop on log-in and unable to get to the regular log-in page and log-in as an admin and disable this feature, or the plug-in, is happening also on the site i'm working on, http://www.fullofwin.us/wp-login.php.

    this is especially hard to deal with as i cannot get to a regular log-in to log-in with my admin credentials and disable what i need to make this work properly. my client can no longer log-in either, which makes me look like crap.

    several people now have described this same problem to you, in greater and greater detail. simply coming back and saying things akin to, “welp, not happening for me, working fine, need more info!” without properly detailing what that “more info” would be is not being very customer responsive.

    will there be a fix for this in a future update to the plug-in? if so, when? otherwise, i will have to disable it off my client's site.

    please advise at your earliest convenience.

    — faddah wolf
    portland, oregon

  24. Ken of Kentropolis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Time for me to play "good cop" LOL.

    I really like Otto's plugin. I just can't use the parts that don't work.

    This isn't a paid "premium" plugin, so we can't expect Otto to spend unreasonable amounts of time debugging a problem that only some users are having. However, if this is the case, I would suggest having a disclaimer saying so or get rid of the feature altogether.

    But fixing it would be awesome. When I tried it, the login part was an optional feature for a project and I simply stopped trying to get it to work. I have not tried to find a replacement plugin because the rest of it did what i needed.

    My concern is that if I DID find a plugin that worked in terms of the login (and absolutely needed that functionality), it might interfere with Otto's, meaning I'd have to find one that does it all and stop using his completely after I invested much time working with it ...

  25. mcfmullen
    Posted 3 years ago #

    That is precisely the problem. Otto's plugin is virtually incompatible with every other Facebook plugin there is. Since his is the best, his is the one most people use thus the massive problem this causes, even if only a "few" people experience the problem.

  26. Ken of Kentropolis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You're implying obligation on his part. Perhaps, but I'm not sure if I agree. Pardon me for following a Capitalist perspective, but what about a promise to "donate" some sum to incentivise his efforts to fix it? Would that be inappropriate?

    I believe I sent a few bucks his way in the past when asking for support ... just sayin'. The plugin has value, and so does his time. Or maybe have a premium version with promised support?

    Otto, what do you think?

  27. faddah
    Posted 3 years ago #

    i don't think there is any need to step in here and be pro bono attorney, good cop, bad cop, donut-eating cop, protector, white knight or helicopter-parent for otto. i'm assuming otto is a reasonable, grown adult who can respond for himself, if he so chooses. i feel if you upload a plug-in to the wordpress.org repository, for pay or no, you commit yourself to supporting that technology for its lifespan and responding properly when users report valid issues with a bit more than “i need more info, it's working for me,” when plenty of info to reproduce has been detailed. if you do not wish to support your tech, you should remove it from the repository and notify of such where you can.

    the quick work around to get out of the trapped hell of not being able to log-in with otto's facebook connect plug-in turned on for your WP site is to log-out of facebook in the browser session you're in, and also clear cache and/or cookies if that alone does not work, and try logging in to your WP site again. you then need to turn off the log-in through facebook in the plug-in settings or register your WP log-in account through facebook through his plug-in. that is what worked for me.

    however, nowhere is this detail documented for his plug-in documented in the plug-in or plug-in page. this needs to be documented by otto, at least on the wordpress.org plug-in page. and also, the requested user bug reports, that it should not lock you out if you already have a valid log-in with your WP site simply because you haven't connected your log-in with facebook yet. that is a real issue here and needs to be addressed. it's just plain, simple, common UI/UX horse sense.

    anyway, that's my input here on the workaround and the documentation and bug fix that is necessary here. we'll see if otto responds.


    — faddah
    portland, oregon

  28. organik
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Same problem here. I've already associated my facebook account in my user profile, but I'm still taken to the register page, and not in fact logged in. Boo.

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