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  • Just installed the login plugin. I have the connect button on my login screen (, but it only works once in a while. Most of the time when I press it, literally nothing happens. Sometimes it will work and it will log me in. Tried in both Chrome and Firefox, same thing. Any idea why it only functions some of the time?

    Could this be a cache or cookie issue of some sort? Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Try the latest version of sfc-login in trunk. It has a couple of minor fixes to the login process:

    Otto, thanks for the reply. I replaced the plugin with the one you provided. Seem to be having the same issue, however. It worked the first time in firefox. Hit the connect button, window popped up asking me to log into FB. I hit cancel. I then hit the connect button again, and nothing happened. I refreshed, hit the connect button, still nothing. Seems to only work some of the time. Odd. Any other ideas?

    i get the same problem on my MU site on the site…

    What should happen
    I go to /wp-login.php > Login with Facebook > redirected to /wp-admin.php

    This is what happens
    I go to /wp-login.php > Login with Facebook > stays on Login screen > I type in the wp-admin url and I’m logged in.

    I think this may be some sort of cache issue, but I’m not sure.

    I am using WP-Supercache.

    I disabled cacheing, and it seems to work fine now in Chrome. This, obviously, is not ideal. I would like to be able to re-enable cacheing.

    However, the problem persists in Firefox. I even cleared my browser cache in Firefox.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I can’t reproduce this problem. It works for me in multisite, on any browser except IE9 (which has its own problems with FB code), every single time.

    Note that I am using the updated sfc-login.php from trunk like I said before. That version includes code to disable the “reauth” at the right point, which prevents it from just refreshing and going back to the login screen in 3.1.

    I also use super caching. Super caching shouldn’t make any difference, really. If it matters, I do have these set in super cache as to not cache these pages:


    That was the default setting, I think.

    I had issues connecting my FB account to my WP-account somehow. I used the new code from the trunk and that resolved my problem. Thanx, Otto 🙂

    When I use Simple Facebook Connect Plugin at my website, its Facebook Connect Widget redirects to WP-Login.php in IE9, Apple Safari 5, and Chrome 11.Currently, I have removed it. I just want my users just to login, comment, and share on my Website. I do not want them to register anywhere with my Website. I am using Google Friend Connect and it works without any settings and browser problems. I just want the same thing from Facebook Connect. Is it possible from using Simple Facebook Connect? If yes then why it is redirecting to Wp-Login.php?

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