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  • I have the register, login and base installed. I have my profile connected. I click connect via the widget. It logs me in and shows my avatar in the live feed and comments but I am not logged into WordPress. Maybe I am but I keep getting redirect to the login when I try and go to any backend page.

    I also tried connecting with a different facebook account and now live feed show one account and the update status widget shows the new widget. I struggle with this all day and have yet to understand what is wrong or how it should actually function. Can you please outline what plugin does what and how it is installed and is supposed to functions. For instance – it took me an hour to realize I had to go the the profile and connect it to my facebook account. I really appreciate all your work but this documentation seems like would save you a lot of time answering questions. You may think this is all very straight forward but trust me it is not especially when trouble shooting a plugin your not sure how it actually should function. Known conflicts and so on. Thanks, truly. I will def buy you a six pack.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I don’t really understand the question here. What exactly are you trying to do?

    If you’ve already connected your WP account to your FB account, then just go to the login page and click the button to log in. Done and done. If you log in via the widget, then it doesn’t take you into the back end, because the assumption there is that you want to stay on the front end (since that’s where you logged in from).

    The register plugin doesn’t apply to pre-existing accounts. That basically makes the “Error: Facebook user not recognized” go away and get replaced with a redirect to the create new user page instead (with the username and email pre-filled in for you).

    I think you’re making this way more complex than it actually is. Each plugin does one specific and small thing, independent of (almost) all of the rest of them. Login lets you log in with your FB credentials. Register lets you create new users using FB credentials. The User Status widget shows the status of some user that you define in the widget itself. And so on. They’re not interconnected, really.

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