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  • I created a website for a band and since the main member is quite active on Facebook I wanted to connect the website and the Facebook account. I run into a problem though. The man has a FB account and it seems that he has to ‘subaccounts’ for two of his projects. I want to publish from WP on one of these ‘band accounts’, but I can only manage to publish on the main account. All three have the same keys, IDs, etc. so I have no clue how to manage what I want to do.

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  • Ok, these ‘subaccounts’ are “pages”. Is there a way to publish there using this plugin?

    I’m starting to think it is easier to work the other way around, so publish something on Facebook, which appears in a certain category on the WP website. It doesn’t seem that this plugin goes that way around and I can’t really find one that does.

    Heho, Otto is online 🙂

    Otto, any thoughts on this “page” publishing and/or the ‘other way around’ publishing? I don’t know my way around FB too well since I don’t have an account myself and it seems that some other way around things are possible with some quite heavy theme coding, but I don’t really want to replace the WP functionality with FBs.

    Btw isn’t it possible to delete the unused plugins or can’t the plugin just have one overall admin to (de)activate its functionalities? I don’t like a long list with (inactive) plugin.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I really don’t understand the questions, as such.

    No, it doesn’t do the “other way around” thing. You could write something to do that, but it’d be pretty custom.

    And no, SFC doesn’t support publishing to multiple Fan Pages currently. Again, custom code could do it. You could use SFC as the base code to make the connectivity work.

    There’s two things. The guy I made the website for has a FB account with his own name. Apparently he can make what FB calls “pages”. Such a page has its own clipboard (or however FB calls that in English), etc., see this and this. These last two the guy works with from his main account and (so far at least) I have not been able to create FB applications that were not connected primary to his account (rather than to the ‘pages’ clipboards). So when I use your plugin to publish on FB, it appears in his main account clipboard and not in the others.

    No worries though, it seems as if he’s growing to prefer WP over FB, so I won’t put too much effort in this 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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