[Plugin: Simple Facebook Connect] Error saving SFC connect details on SFC options page (4 posts)

  1. torvad
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm trying to save the SFC connect details on the SFC options page like the Facebook API Key, the secret key and the ID, but when I click the save button it directs to "mydomain.com/administrator/options.php" which isn't there. I have checked that on the server.

    I've found a options.php file on the server, but it's in this folder: "mydomain.com/components/com_wordpress/wp-admin".

    Can anyone tell what I should do?


  2. It sounds like your installation is way messed up. You may want to use a standard installation instead. This plugin (nor any other) isn't going to work on a highly customized install.

  3. torvad
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thanks for your answer. What do you mean by a standard installation? I've uploaded the simple-facebook-connect folder to the plugins folder on the server. Isn't that the only way to do it?

    I'm using WordPress with Joomla, maybe that could cause the error.

    Can you please tell which url should be called when you click the save button?

    I had some trouble with another plugin as well. With the url to some of the images. Maybe there is a problem with one of the variables that stores the base url to the server?

  4. If it's generating weird URLs like that, then you definitely have something crazy going on.

    The settings form points to "options.php". That's it. It doesn't point to some options.php in a specific directory, because it doesn't know your URL and doesn't care to.

    So if the options.php it's pointing to is wrong, then the URL in your browser bar is wrong as well. Which means your setup is somehow non-standard and probably broken to boot.

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