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  • This took me forever to figure out because i have over 30 plugins installed and i had to go through each one by one…. anyways i was having a problem people could register for my blog and get the registration email if they had yahoo hotmail or aol but if they had gmail it would get delivered to there spam folder so then i disabled the login and the register part for simple facebook and it started working it wouldnt deliver to peoples spam box no more…. i dont know why it does this but during the testing i did it in internet explorer 9 and i know that facebook doesnt support the java script yet so thats why people who have ie9 cant see the facebook button but that shouldnt interfere with the registration of accounts for gmail users..

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    SFC doesn’t have anything to do with sending email in any shape, form, or fashion. If you have some other kind of weird registration process then it might interfere with that somehow, but by itself, it doesn’t change how registration works.

    And it certainly cannot have any impact on whether it goes into somebody’s spam folder or not, because that happens entirely on gmail’s servers, not on the website.

    ok well i have a question about the code we are suppose to insert it as well <div id=”comment-user-details”> <?php do_action(‘alt_comment_login’); ?>

    it is acually interfering with my theme its making my sidebar move to the bottom

    but for example when i tried using this other facebook plugin
    the code is like this and it didnt interfere is there anyway to do away with the div and have it say just php at the beginning the code below worked without moving my sidebar

    <?php do_shortcode(“[fb_login size=’medium’ login_text=’Connect With Facebook’ logout_text=’Logout’]”); ?>

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If your stuff is moving around from inserting a DIV, then you probably have strange CSS in your theme. Look at your CSS code and correct it to not move the page elements around incorrectly.

    thanks for the advice… im not sure how to correct it not to move the page elements around . ive checked out hundreds of themes its really hard to find a decent one i like….

    im not sure if i can post code in here or not but this is what my css looks like

    code removed by mod – use a pastebin

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It’s not helpful to post code here. To solve CSS issues, people need to be able to see your website, live, with the problem in question.

    oh ok sorry i didnt know…

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    No worries. But giving a link to the site would let us see the problem and to be able to help you better.

    ok i can send the link if u have time to look at it somemtime… right now i dont have the code in there cause i dont want it looking all funny but when ur online i can put the code in real quick and u can take a look at it if u would

    ok i found a better way i took a couple of snapshots the first link is how its suppose to look and the 2nd link is how it looks w hen i insert the div code…

    and i dont know if the problem would be in the css or the comement.php were i put the code into….

    Maybe if i better explain the situation i dont know if there is going to be a fix or a workaround this…
    because when i view it in firefox everything looks normal then i view it internet explorer 9 the final version it looks all messed up
    and if you just look at the main page it looks ok in ie9 then you click on the post like your going to make a comment and thats were it looks messed up…

    even tho the plugin is not yet supported because of the javascript… everyone who has firefox are able to do it just fine …i wouldnt of thought it would be that big of a thing i thought ie9 possibly would just make it say facebook instead of the button and not mess with theme or anything..

    i dunno your the expert on this kinda stuff
    but its not only the facebook code its really any code i try to insert its gettin kinda annoying i have been working on trying to solve this for the past week and during the time getting so frustrayed i forgot to backup my blog after trying to restore it and lost all my comments and users….

    First image of how its suppose to look

    2nd image of is of how it looks when its messed up

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