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Conversion of HTML Source to Readable Text (1 post)

  1. dougsb
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Really great plug-in but there's 1 big issue I'm having I hope you can fix, concerning the way HTML source code is read literally and posted. My posts are showing the 'source code' and not converting back to readable text when posting, for example:

    "N&#1077w York City's 9/11 memorialThe memorial mall &#1072nd &#1110t&#1109 two h&#965g&#1077 fountains &#1072r&#1077 now bringing &#1072b&#959&#965t 10000 visitors each day t&#959 ground zero, even &#1072&#1109 .." is being posted

    instead of posting the actual converted text shown in the browser:

    "Nеw York City's 9/11 memorialThe memorial mall аnd іtѕ two hυgе fountains аrе now bringing аbουt 10000 visitors each day tο ground zero, even аѕ "

    Really hoping you can please update the plug-in so the source code is converted/displays human readable (i've tested others that provide this so hoping you can fix this)?

    Glad to make a contribution...



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