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[Resolved] [Plugin: Simple Facebook Connect] Connecting WP-Account to Facebook just doesn't work.

  • I’d like to use the SFC-Plugin in a way that non-registered users can comment on posts with der facebook account (name und picture) as well as registered users, in my case the administrators. But in my current setup, a combination og SFC and the Jeppack plugin (for the comments itself), just non-registered users can comment with their facebook-accounts, the administrators kann just comment with their WP-Account-names and the WP-picture.
    So I tried to use the SFC feature of connecting the WP-accounts to FB. After I clicked the button on my profile-page the first time, a popup opend and asked wether I want to give access to some of my facebook-account – I clicked on Agree, and the popup closed. But nothing happend. Clicking now on the Connect-Button, nothing happens except of a little popup that opens but closes after half a second. And after trying this 20 times with different browsers, my WP-Account is still not connected to FB.
    Does anyone know how I can solve the problem?


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  • You cannot use the Facebook Share button feature in Jetpack. It is totally incompatible with all newer Facebook code, including SFC. If you are using Jetpack sharing, remove the Facebook button from it.

    I don’t use the Jetpack Sharing Buttons, I use Jetpack just for the comment section.
    My main problem is that connecting the WP-Accounts to the FB-Accounts on the user’s profile page doesn’t work – as described in my first post. Does anyone know what could cause this problem?

    Okay then, something else other than Jetpack must be interfering. I assumed it was JP sharing since you mentioned it in the first post.

    Do you have *anything* else doing Facebook connectivity, in any way?

    no, I also tried uninstalling all other plugins doing something with FB, including SFC, and reinstalled SFC after that, but the problem didn’t change :/. The first time clicking on “Connect wirt Facebook-Account” I’m asked to enter email und password of FB, and after sending the data the popup closes and nothing have changed, trying it again, the popup just opens and closes, and nothing changes as well.

    Try disabling everything else, and switching to the default theme. If the popup just disappears and nothing happens, then that suggests something is breaking the javascript on the page. Anything could be doing that, disabling other stuff one by one is the only way to find what is causing the issue.

    Hi Otto,
    I have the same problem and I am not using the Jetpack.
    Tried everything suggested but it did not help.
    Any suggestion to debug this problem?

    Hi Otto,
    Solved the problem 🙂
    I didn’t activate “Website with Facebook Login” and added “Site URL” on the Facebook app.
    I’m new to all this so I’m have to do some trial and error to get things running.
    Thanks for this fine plugin!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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