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  • Is there a way to have it show your facebook user information when you make a comment even when you are logged into wordpress? I have to logout before I comment so the facebook picture shows up.

    I do have SFC – Login enabled and have associated my account with my facebook user. It is working and automatically loges me in when I go the the site and am logged into facebook.

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  • I didn’t do that sort of thing by default because I figured most people would want their gravatar to show up.

    So, what you really want is for it to show your Facebook avatar even for logged in users?

    In the sfc-comments.php, you’ll find this line of code towards the bottom:

    if ( !is_object($id_or_email) || !isset($id_or_email->comment_ID) || $id_or_email->user_id)
    	 return $avatar;

    If you change it to this:

    if ( !is_object($id_or_email) || !isset($id_or_email->comment_ID))
    	 return $avatar;

    Then logged in users will get their Facebook avatars to show instead of their Gravatars.

    Wow that worked great! Thanks again for a great plugin!

    One thought is could you have that be a check box option on the plugin settings page?

    Thanks again for a great plugin!

    I’m generally against adding options for minor things like this. Realistically, you’d probably be better served by simply signing up for a gravatar account. Then your avatar could show up everywhere, on all WordPress blogs, and even this forum for example. Gravatars are universal.

    Also, the Facebook pics kinda suck, as they’re limited to 50px wide if you want the square ones.

    Wow, that worked. My users probably thinks gravatar is a spoof on Avatar: the movie 😛

    I’m trying to integrate as seamlessly as possible to get nontech facebook users to start using the social features of my site.

    Is there a possibillity to show the “post to facebook” checkbox for users that already connected their account to facebook or signed up through facebook connect?

    That would really make this swing!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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