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    here is a linkt to my blog
    here is a link to my facebook page

    Comments made on my blog don’t go to facebook and visa versa. Facebook avatars not showing up either and I have it checked in settings. If a facebook user wants to make a comment they have to login and if they hit the facebook login they only get a pre populated facebook account for them to register with. This is not a facebook login right? facebookers shouldn’t have to register. Do I need another plugin or ad on or is this fixable.

    The help says: The Comments module will let your users use Facebook credentials to make comments, and also offer those users the option to share their comments, and your post, on Facebook. This basically eliminates the need for users to type in their Names and Email addresses.

    Were is the comment module they are talking about? There is no comment module in the sfc setings.

    Next says: For newer themes that use the comment_form() function in WordPress, this is completely automatic. For older themes, you may need to edit your theme’s comments form to contain the necessary hooks to make the module work. Please see the FAQ for more information on this.

    I’m using photcrati 4.3 and WordPress 3.4.1 so do I need to modify my comments.php? Here is the code

    code removed, please don’t post large chunks of code in our forums, thanks – moderator

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    (@otto42) Admin

    Comments made on my blog don’t go to facebook and visa versa

    Yes, because the plugin doesn’t do that. It can pull comments from Facebook and make them appear to be made on your blog, but only if you are using the automatic publishing feature as well.

    Nothing in the plugin will let comments made on your site show up on Facebook.

    Were is the comment module they are talking about? There is no comment module in the sfc setings.

    Turn on the checkbox labelled “Allow FB Login to Comment (for non-registered users)”.

    Note that if you require people to login to your blog to make a comment, then this won’t work. Requiring people to login is an absolute, if you have WordPress setup to require people to login, then people have to login, period.

    The way the Facebook comment addon works is that it fills in the name/email/url fields for them, but those fields only exist when you have WordPress set to NOT require logins in order to comment.

    Otto thanks for the reply.

    I do have all check boxes checked in the SFC Modules so I’m assuming the reason it’s not working is because I require login to post a comment. This login requirement is in the WordPress/settings/discussion settings/ Users must be registered and logged in to comment. Yes? What are the cons of not requiring a log in?

    I just turned log requirement off. But I don’t see anything in the comment box that allows someone to use their facebook id. Also my wife registered last night and I have the Use Facebook Avatars in preference to Gravatars
    checked and her facebook avatar didn’t show up.

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