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  • Resolved Audrey Clement


    I can get SFC to publish WP posts directly to my FB PROFILE, but not to my FB PAGE. This is the same problem Faddah reported a couple of weeks ago.

    Yet the SFC settings page on my WP blog indicates with the following messages that all my tokens are okay:

    User ID and Access Token found!
    Application Access Token found!
    Fan Page Access Token found!

    To rule out my FB app as the problem, I set up a new FB app with a new ID and Secret. I specified my namespace the same as the username of my FB page:


    all letters in lowercase with no punctuation as Faddah had indicated you need to do to get SFC to publish to your fan page.

    Still no cigar. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Im having the exact problem. Actually, SFC posted the very first post after the installation to my fan page, but after that it just never happened again.

    It is weird that right now there is a constant log in button (under “Extended Permissions”). Whenever I click on it, instead of logging in, it refreshes the page, and says “log in” again, with all the tokens found.

    My posts also won’t auto publish to my Fan page. I’m having the same exact experience as mangomoose22 where under “Extended Permissions” there is a constant login button. When I click on it, the page just refreshes and the “login” just appears again with all the tokens found. What’s supposed to happen or show if the login for the extended permissions is successful?

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    It’s not supposed to do anything special except to cause that refresh and to re-get the tokens.

    If you’re having problems with it not publishing, try not logging out of Facebook in your browser. Logging out of facebook can invalidate the tokens the plugin is trying to use.

    I am always logged into Facebook in my browser, but it still doesn’t auto publish. *sigh* I always have to manually hit the publish to my fan page button for it to work, which is not very convenient when I have scheduled posts. Do I have to always hit the login button to extend permissions every time I sign into my WP admin?

    Mine doesn’t auto-publish either. I have to manually publish like Harleyquinn above. This topic should be reopened and not be considered resolved

    Yep, I agree tquill – this issue is far from resolved!

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    The way that SFC publishes is not ideal. Try the official Facebook plugin instead, it uses a different method. However, I recommend trying the latest version of their plugin on, it’s more up-to-date.

    I tried the official Facebook plugin and had the same problem with it.

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