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  • Hi, when i prepare a simple text post and autopublish it from my WP site to FB everything is ok.

    If I embed a code to display Soundclouds common waveform player on a post, when i publish and then run the autopublish function i get:

    An error occurred with (myfanpage). Please try again later.

    API Error Code: 100
    API Error Description: Invalid parameter
    Error Message: source URL is not properly formatted



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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Yes, there’s a lot of problems with the embeds not working properly right now. Version 1.3 will have some more intelligent support for this sort of thing.

    The problem is that without what basically amounts to a big whitelist, there’s no good generic way to tell whether an embed is an audio or a video and what are the proper parameters for it. Facebook used to ignore params when they didn’t fit, so SFC just gave it its best shot at guessing. Now FB returns errors instead, so guessing isn’t good enough anymore.

    mmm…I see.

    i even tried with some souncloud-embed plugin, instead of loading the html code directly, and the FB answer was closer to the problem you’re pointing at: something about size and image (i don’t remember clearly, sorry)

    So, practically seen, we users have to wait for some improvement in the next version, right?
    Ok: It’d be even a cooler plugin if it would let directly share the flash contents in their original form on facebook…

    I hope you or some other developer will help to make this feature available soon. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Next version will be sooner than you think. FB is forcing my hand with some changes. 🙂

    The flash stuff works on FB, sorta. The audio has some problems with the new timelines I’m trying to sort out.

    As always you’re welcome to run the development version. It always has the latest changes:

    Hi otto,
    I tried the alpha version you linked me.
    Summing it up again:
    The experiment was to autopublish a WP post featuring a soundcloud embed on a FB Wall, and make a post with embed show up there too.

    The positive side is at the moment that the autopublish procedure has been accepted by FB.
    only a link to the WP blog post appears on the FB wall.

    excuse my innocent question now:
    Is it in our expectations to have WP post embeds – in this case souncloud – to automatically show up on FB as embeds as well?
    Is it this what we’re trying to reach?
    Thank you! If you want me to try anything out, i’m here.
    Have a nice day!

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, the soundcloud embed is definitely *not* going to show up there, because it’s not supported at present.

    The fix I put in would make the post show up at all, but it wouldn’t make an embed possible.

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