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    Dear Otto,

    first of all let me give you my thanks for all the work you’ve put into this great plugin!

    I was running Wordbooker on one of my other sites, but for a new site i was looking for a more convenient plugin, and SFP really is exactly what i was looking for.

    However, unfortunately the automatic publishing to the fanpage does not work. App ID, App Secret and fanpage ID are set correctly, and all three token checks are reporting back “green”.

    “Automatically Publish to Facebook Fan Page” is checked.

    Pressing the “Publish to fanpage” button in the article page works every time like a charm, however this may use a different mechanism as i must be logged into facebook for that.

    As the site is the homepage of a sports club, many different people are writing articles – and they are not admin on the fanpage (and should not be!) or do not even have a FB account – so the automatic publishing from wordpress is really what i need.

    Do you have any ideas or advices to sort this issue out? Can i provide any logs?

    Plugin version is 1.1, the facebook fanpage is a german one (don’t know if there is a difference).


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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Err… If you’re getting the green boxes, and have granted the permissions and such, and the Page ID is right, and the automatic box is checked…. then there’s really nothing more to do. At that point, it just works, totally automatically.

    You can try saving the settings page again. This makes it “refresh” the session keys, which is what causes those green boxes to be green. If it can’t retrieve the session keys, then they’d be a different color.

    But the auto-publish does work. You can see examples of it “just working” here:

    The first one of those is my own Application for my webpage, You can see how the posts are made by “Otto on WordPress” which is my application.

    The second one is the official WordPress Page (that’s a Fan Page, not an application). It’s connected to the blog here on . You can see how the 3.3 beta 1 blog post got automatically published yesterday.

    The third one is Matt’s Page, hooked to He’s publishing his posts to his page, but he allows other people to publish comments there too, apparently.

    All three of these are using the automatic-publishing functionality.

    You can also try using the “Development Version” of the plugin, if you like. It has some fixes, but none that would really affect auto-publishing as I know it:

    Another possibility: Check your FB Application’s advanced settings, and make sure that “Stream Post URL Security” is disabled. That can block you from posting sometimes.

    Dear Otto,

    thank you for your extensive reply. I of course believe that the plugin is generally working … also there are many setting on the facebook app page which looks quite different from what you’ve posted in your blog.

    I’ve checked the Stream Post URL Security” – it was disabled.

    At least i’ve deleted the complete Facebook app and made a new one (i have seen that i’ve left the “app namespace” empty – does this care anything?), and with the new FB app two testpostings have worked.

    However, i’ll see what happens in the next postings.

    One more problem: Although the comment option is enabled, FB comments does not go into the articles on the WP page, and WP page comments does not go to the FB fan page. I hope i’ve understood the comment option that they should do this.

    I’ve read your FAQ and checked my template (eNews from elegantthemes), and i saw it’s using the comments_form() function call:

    <?php comment_form( array('label_submit' => esc_attr__( 'Submit Comment', 'eNews' ), 'title_reply' => '<span>' . esc_attr__( 'Leave a Reply', 'eNews' ) . '</span>', 'title_reply_to' => esc_attr__( 'Leave a Reply to %s' )) ); ?>

    So there should be no action required … any idea here?

    Thank you,

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    One more problem: Although the comment option is enabled, FB comments does not go into the articles on the WP page, and WP page comments does not go to the FB fan page. I hope i’ve understood the comment option that they should do this.

    There’s two comment modules.

    One is “Allow FB Login to Comment”. This puts the FB connect button on your comments form, and allows users to use their FB credentials to comment instead of typing in their name/email/website.

    The other is “Integrate FB Comments”. This will pull back comments made on your auto-published FB cross-posts and display them in the single post page on your site as if they were normal comments. There is a delay on this of up to six hours, so don’t expect immediate results.

    There is no way to send comments made on your site back to the Fan Page. Can’t be done. FB doesn’t have any way to do it.

    Dear Otto,

    unfortunately the automatic posting is still a random feature – some are working, most not … without touching anything in the settings. Posts from other outhors than me have never been transmitted to the fanpage.

    I’ve tried the develop version, but without any improvement.

    Worbooker and WPBook are posting 100% to the fanpage, WPBook using the same FB application than SFC (but both are handling the images in a worse way).

    As i love you plugin please let me know if there is ANY debug output or log somewhere which i can send to you. I really want SFC working … until i can rely on the posts i need to go with WPBook.

    Please let me know how i can help to debug this.


    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It doesn’t do any “logging” of any kind, so without editing the plugin to actually create some kind of log, there’s no real debugging you can do.

    I do know publishing from other authors works fine. I set up SFC here on, and it publishes to our fan page on FB just fine. I set it up, and I’ve never made a post here, all posts are made by other people.

    Ultimately, I don’t know what the problem with your site is. The plugin does the same set of actions for every auto-publish. It doesn’t have different things for different cases. It can’t behave differently one time vs. another. So if you’re “randomly” not having it publish, then the only thing I can think of is that you’re “randomly” not able to connect to Facebook’s servers.

    If you can debug the code and find the problem, then I’d be more than happy to fix whatever you find, but I can’t really help you debug a problem that I can’t reproduce. You can reproduce it on your site, so you’d have to be able to find the problem and tell me what it is or under what conditions it occurs, or *something* to let me know what the issue really is.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If you want to work with me via email, my email address is



    Did you guys figure this out? I have the exact same problem, and can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’ve spent about three hours trying to work it out, looking through forums and installation instructions. All three lights are green, and manual publishing works. Auto publish? Nada.

    I havent tried to delete the app and make a new one yet, but will do so now. I have my doubts.

    Otherwise, thanks for å great plugin, I hope we don’t nag you too much.

    Hi guys,
    Are there any news on this one? I have the same problem too, exactly the same symptoms.



    Seems to be the same problem for me too. I get the green lights and such. I will try creating a new app as well.

    What is the “stream post url security and set it to disable,” is that through facebook?

    Should the automatic publish be instantaneous?

    If the fanpage is linked to twitter is there a way for it to publish automatically through wordpress via facebook to twitter? Or am I stuck with the option of the twitter plugin you’ve created.

    Otherwise great plugin, thank you.

    Hi Otto,

    I also am having issues with automatic publishing. The plugin set up fine and I have green lights for all the token checks. However, it seems that none of my scheduled posts are getting automatically published onto my Facebook page. I have to manually go to each post and log in and press publish to FB page. If I do not do that, then 1) it won’t be published on the page and 2) the comments section on that specific post says the URL is unreachable.

    Please help us! I would love to use this plugin!

    Worked perfect for me when I created a new app for it. First time gave me problems for auto publishing.

    Now it’s not working. Why?

    This is upsetting me.



    Hi guys,

    Same here, auto-publishing isn’t working. I am using scheduled posts, so this might actually be the issue.

    After deleting and creating a new app the auto-publish worked for the first time, but since then nothing.

    Otto, do you have any clues, any hints for us?

    Thanks in advance for your time for this!

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    My advice: Don’t log out of Facebook. When you log out, you break the access token.



    I confirm this works, thanks a lot Otto!

    Is there any way to overcome this? I am asking because I was doing this setting for a customer’s site and wasn’t using my own FaceBook account. Sometimes you have to log out of FB 🙂

    Thanks again!

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