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  • At least on my blog it is counting down from 100(?!?) seconds not 60…

    Also checked the php file but there it seems okay…

    $d = sct_calcage($secs,86400,100000);
    $h = sct_calcage($secs,3600,24);
    $m = sct_calcage($secs,60,60);
    $s = sct_calcage($secs,1,60); (I guess it is supposed to divide the seconds thru 1 MOD 60 – what is the correct term to determine the seconds)

    so where’s the glitch?

    Also the changes in the CSS to change the font color for the days hours min secs and the separators is also ignored. They are just black…

    The error can be reproduced either in IE9, FF5 or Chrome!

    Update: Have checked all versions of your widget and it seems that this error comes up at Version 0.2

    Version 0.1 shows it correctly! Seconds count down from 60…

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  • Plugin Author Tommy


    Yep, I noticed that issue too. I think I create the problem when I fixed the same but for days.

    The problem is not into the php file, but into the javascript (Because if you refresh the page, the countdown is ok ;))
    I plan to make a new version tonight.

    For the color, I’ll try and get back to you soon.

    For now I have adapted the graphics of the new plugin and edited the php of the old plugin. Seems to work well so far, yet WP is bugging me to update the plugin to the newer version.

    Will keep track of this plugin and test new versions out for you.

    Hope you can find the error…

    Good luck and keep it up!

    Plugin Author Tommy


    Should be fixed with 0.2.3 😉 Sorry!

    Unfortunatelly in IE 8 there still is problem. Every 10 second all digits are flipped again, like counting start from begining, one second after that clock skips to half of elapsed time and then shows current days and hours but not minutes and seconds. Sometimes first seconds digit is gone at all.

    This is odd…

    Though 0.2.3 seems at first not to have the 100 seconds bug, it seems to tick off later on (almost same behavior as with grzmar), however the first second-digit doesn’t disappear.

    But when running about 5 minutes, the counter seems to misscount Minutes and seconds again…

    I.e.: My timer is set to 9:00 A.M. and at 9 A.M it still displays 4 minutes and several seconds left. Also the 100’s bug seems to randomly appear.

    I wonder what part of the code gets all the browsers so upset? As mentionned above in my post, the determination of the time variable is still the same yet the browsers now think, x / 60 Mod 60 can hold a value > 59 even if it is mathematically impossible.

    May there be a problem with PHP4? (yet haven’t updated as my provider needs some time to upgrade the servers…) *sigh*

    Still hoping that Tommy might find the kink that messes around with his code…

    I see the same funny behavior in IE where the numbers go crazy after a while. I’m on PHP Version 5.2.17. Works great in chrome and FF.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Plugin Author Tommy


    Hmm thanks. Actually, I use an external script to show the countdown, and I try to patch it, but I definitely need to rewrite it myself.

    Is there already a fix for the crazy second display?
    I love this plugin and do not want to use any of the boring ones.


    Issues here too. Works fine in Chrome, Firefox and IE9. Fails in IE8.

    I love this plugin! Is there a new version to address the Msie 8.0 or older issues? 28% of my site visitor are using Msie 8.0. The bad countdown for these users hurts me. I know they all need to updgrade their browsers, but it’s hard to tell them without looking bad. Can I donate for a solution?

    Check out a solution that I posted in wpquestions

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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