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    It is used for making a custom cart of items that normally aren’t for sale on your site. Generally for one-off orders, but maybe special discounts, etc. Basically, it lets you put together a cart of items and prices and have the buyer go to some url and have that cart and put it into Paypal or Google Wallet. Maybe you have a new product, it isn’t on the website yet or do you don’t want it generally available yet.

    The functions getCustomCart($uuid), displayCustomCart($uuid), and displayCustomCartContents($uuid) in customize.php handle what to do and are meant to be customized for how you want to enter what should be in the custom cart. You can leave the display functions alone if you want however. getCustomCart is going to be specific to how you enter the data for this custom cart.

    When you go to the custom-cart url such as

    it checks to make sure a cart id (ccuid) has been passed. If it hasn’t, it asks for the user it input the cart id. Then it calls displayCustomCart which is a function that basically makes a cart just like it would normally, but instead of looking at the items in the user’s cart, it gets its items from the function getCustomCart. In my getCustomCart, it does a database call and find the list of items and their names, prices, etc. But you could do something else. It just needs to return a list of items in the cart in the format of the commented out code for that function.

    Thank you for this great and flexible plugin!!

    I would like a plugin to operate similar to your shopping cart. The site will have a number of tourist map locations to visit. Each location would have a post/page with a button “bucket list” that would add that location to a ‘shopping cart’ like list. A visitor could add the locations they would like to visit by pushing the button then the cart type list would have a button to save and/or email the list to the admin and themselves.

    I have looked but cannot find anything like it. Could you possibly create such a plugin?

    Plugin Author bluey80


    You could definitely do that. Basically, you would want to use the SCABN as the framework, but then create a custom template that in the checkout page would remove the Paypal / Google Wallet buy now buttons and a custom button / function for emailing, etc, the shopping cart contents.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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