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[Resolved] [Plugin: Simple Cart & Buy Now] Choosing Payment Options

  • Is there a way to select either PayPal or Google Checkout payment option to process payments at checkout? I would rather use GC, so I entered my Merchant ID etc for GC and left the PayPal options blank, however, I still see the PayPal button at checkout. Is it possible to just display a preferred payment method at checkout. In my case, GC. If the code needs to be modified, please advise on how this can be done. Thanks a bunch


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  • Plugin Author bluey80


    There is an easy way to do it. Look at templates/defaults/process.php The last 2 lines are:

    echo scabn_make_paypal_button($options,$holditems);
    echo scabn_make_google_button($options,getShippingOptions($holditems),$holditems);

    You can comment out what you want. Or make a copy of that file: templates/something/process.php and make the changes there. Then change the template to “something” (or whatever you call it).


    Ok you will have to forgive me I am new to WordPress

    I do not see templates/defaults/process.php

    ALSO – How do I get to the area of the plugin where I can enter products & prices?

    Thanks for your help


    Plugin Author bluey80


    Under your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins) is the simple-cart-buy-now directory and that has the templates/defaults/process.php file. Products and prices are entered on the page that has the “buy now” link. When editing a page, there should be a small shopping cart icon that when you click brings up a pop-up with an explanation.

    I have looked in my plugins directory under scbn directory and there isnt a templates/defaults/process.php file. Any ideas? I have checked a few times and it isnt there. I also would like to get the Google wallet icon off because I do not use it.

    Plugin Author bluey80


    Something must be wrong with your installation then. You should have a structure like http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/simple-cart-buy-now/trunk/templates/default/

    Maybe install and reinstall the plugin.

    Thanks for the great plugin – update removes the unwanted wallet but we now have a “placeholder” text in the checkout that I cannot find to remove.
    Many thanks

    Plugin Author bluey80


    What version of SCABN do you have installed? When you say “placeholder” can you describe in more detail or post a link?

    Thanks again – Just updated to the latest version – the word placeholder appears above the button in the checkout page


    Plugin Author bluey80


    Opps, I forgot to remove that line that I was using for some testing. Fixed in 1.9.3.

    Many thanks.
    While I have you – is there any chance of the addition to allow users to pay later ie offline.. so if they cannot pay with google or paypal it can generate an Invoice for them to pay by later?

    This would make it just perfect for our needs.. ‘

    Plugin Author bluey80


    I think it would just be an email that gets send out, but once I get 2.0 released / debugged, I’ll add that as that’s a feature I’d use as well.

    I’m running 1.9.10 and I do not have the file: templates/defaults/process.php

    I’m looking to turn off Paypal and only use Google Wallet.. Can you help me with that?


    Plugin Author bluey80


    Those instruction are for SCABN 1.X, not the 2.0 (or 1.9 / pre 2.0) release. You should be able to leave your paypal email blank in the SCABN configuration and it will disable the Paypal checkout option.

    By default it shows: “Invalid Email Entered”

    I delete that, and I haven’t entered any Paypal settings, hit Save Changes, and it shows “Invalid Email Entered” again. The PayPal Checkout button still shows on my Checkout page..

    Plugin Author bluey80


    Please upgrade to 1.9.11 and then you should be able to leave the email address blank and not have Paypal as a payment option.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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