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    Good morning, I guess I need to check this more often. I did not realize I had 3 outstanding issues to be addressed. Can you explain a bit more what your experiencing? When you say you try to add data, do you mean, a customer, or creating an invoice? Feel free to contact me via email or through my web site
    I am sure we can figure out whats going on pretty quick.

    Anytime you try to add new data it says You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I’m the administrator on the site what do I need to have.

    That includes customers, accounts, anything. Version is 3.2.1.

    Plugin Author russell.albin


    Are you trying this on a local computer, not a web server? If so, make sure the folders have permissions of at least 755.

    Can you verify the Simple Business Manager version you are using?
    Is it the latest version? I had some issues with some of the very first releases…also, what other plugins do you have? I am hopeful its not a conflict of some sort.

    Not on local I’m wondering because I haven’t setup the settings yet if that could be the issue I’m going to try that first and will let you know. Basic plugins contact form 7, wp-cycle, sexy bookmarks, social profiles, and plugins. Theme is genesis based.

    Even after setup of settings it still deny’s access I installed through upload in wordpress would doing an FTP upload make a difference.

    I’m using chrome would that make a difference.

    Plugin Author russell.albin


    Good evening, I have done my best to test in Chrome, Fire fox and Safari…sorry Internet Explorer I dont care if you work or not.
    Anyway, I would encourage the use of automatic install/upgrade to install it, but using FTP may work, and you can then validate that the folders are correct. It kinda sounds like permissions, but on a wordpress level, not on my plugin…can you use all the other plugins? Are any others acting weird. Have you tried uninstalling it, deleting the files, then re-installing it? Maybe you got a bad copy!

    I’ve tried this on multiple sites and no luck. All the other plugins are fine. Don’t know what’s going on with it. If you want feel free to contact me so I can show you my skype address is Joshua.Alexanderphd I like the concept and would love to use it.

    I think its the host company I got it to work with my sites on host gator but had problems with my sites on godaddy.

    Just contact godaddy it will not work with their permissions so if you get access deny move over to host gator and everything works great there. Sorry about the problem I didn’t think to check a site on a different host account until you mentioned the permissions.

    Great support If you have godaddy you have to create another user with Administrator priviledges to make it work. Works like a charm. Great plugin.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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