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    Dear lord I hope someone’s active on this forum to assist me.

    I’m using Google Adsense and with the Simple Ads Manager, I’ve placed my code into the “Paste code” section of “Edit advertisement” page.

    My preview is blank and there’s no ads on my site, however, I can still see the hits from this ad. What in the world am I doing wrong?

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  • Michael


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    without a link to your site, difficult to tell.

    if you look into the html code of your site in the browser (‘view’ ‘source’ or similar) do you see the adsense code somewhere?

    does your browser have ad-blocker activated, i.e. can you see adsense in other sites?

    My browser doesn’t have any ad blocking activated. Also, I’ve checked the source awhile back too and the source doesn’t even appear to show any of my adsense code. However, this plugin is indicating that there’s activity and hits. That’s so confusing.

    All I did was add a new ad place, named the ad place, selected the size of it (120×600), and pasted the JS code that Adsense gave me. I created a new zone named Adsense as well, and left everything else as defaults.

    What am I missing?

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    Do you select Code Mode or your Ads Place is in Image Mode?

    I selected Code Mode.

    This thing is confusing… On the “Ad places” page there’s a “View Ads” under my advertisement, which brings me to ANOTHER page that’s not accessible from the menu it appears. There’s no ad in the Adsense places ad, however, even when I tried adding it earlier it still didn’t show.

    Just completely lost. I selected code mode and placed my adsense code in there. I’m not sure what else is needed at all for this to appear on my page. Really hesitant about going to another plugin.

    Even tried using an image (my own huge fb picture, still not appearing anywhere on my site..

    Is this ad broken with WP 3.2.1 or something???

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    Give me URL of your blog…

    I was making some progress with Ad injector, but I’ll disable it temporarily while you look at it.

    Thanks for your help.

    Woops, the above post contains my link in the entire text.

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    Where ad is placed?

    That’s what I’m looking for myself. The only thing I’ve done was Add new place, named the ad place, inserted the code.
    ^ was the first thing I did.

    After I did this, I went back to Ad places. Under my Google Adsense ad that I just created in the screenshot, I clicked “View ads”. There was nothing in the next page so I hit “Add new ad”. This is what I created in that page

    That’s all I did. I know I have to be doing something wrong possibly, but I have no idea what it is.

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    How you output Ads Place? Widget, code, sortcode?

    I don’t know how to use widget or sorcode. All I did was paste my Google Adsense code in the “Code Mode” box and in the “HTML or JavaScript Code” box. Those are the only two things I’ve done besides naming the ad place and ad.

    Plugin Author minimus


    Where do you want place Ads Place?

    1. In sidebar: use widget
    2. In post text: use shortcode or Auto Inserting (customize on settings page)
    3. In template: use functions (API)

    Dude, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111

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