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  • Note to Dev: People can’t redirect apostrophes, utm_source stuff, etc. These important needs are not being addressed.

    You don’t necessarily have to come up with a solution (it may be tough), but some more guidance would be helpful since you are the expert here. For example, it would be more helpful if you said “I’m not sure, but I don’t think it can be done” than no response at all.

    I need to find some way to redirect URLs containing “+”.

    For example: /?s=driverless+cars

    You may recognize the above as the URL format for search results inside WordPress. I’m trying to get the most searched-for keywords to automatically redirect to specific pages/posts.

    (No, I haven’t found a plugin made for this… so your 301 redirect is my last hope.)

    Dev: if you can’t create the functionality to allow “+” and other symbols in URLs, can you at least say why? Maybe we can find another solution.

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  • I think developer is no longer taking care of this plugin. I am having the same problem. Did you fix this issue?

    I did a quick work around on this issue.

    I added this line

    $userrequest = str_ireplace('+','-',$userrequest);

    Right after

    $userrequest = str_ireplace(get_option('home'),'',$this->getAddress());

    And on the plugin admin interface when I have + I replace for –




    I am having similar issue here:
    Request: /Reference/Objekt+na+morju

    Full request URL at the momment is: (this site is not yet on prod. env., but it’s going to be soon and that URL will be than:

    This issue is one of the reasons I did not move to the prod. env. with this site. I will try emanweb solution (thanks emanweb).

    I really like this plugin, easy to use and I am glad that it works in MultiSite Env. This plugin is suppose to be still supported by developer:



    emanweb, thanks again! Your suggestion woks like a charm, but it would be much better if this would work “out of the box” and not have to think about it…

    There are also some other limitation with this plugin:

    – character like “?” is in URL converted to “%3F”; using rquest URL like “/something%3F” does not work; it has to be in “/something?” to work

    – same goes for special characters like “čćžšđ” which can now be used in also URL

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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