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  • You need the plugin Thumbnail for Excerpts.

    thanks, but that didn’t work. it pulled in the same image for all three sideposts posts – and it was the image from my main post.

    is there a line of code I can add to the sideposts code?

    Other things people are doing is to place the thumbnail at the top of the post, cut it with the more tag, and publish full posts.

    But, about thumbnails in excerpts: What is your exact need?To have a different thumbnail on each excerpt I imagine.

    I figure out this:

    You upload a thumbnail at the correct size, or let WordPress to generate it if the generated size fits your needs.

    Can be useful to have a custom field in the post where you can fill the thumbnail URL ? If so, I can do it in the next release. I like the idea 😉

    Please, download the development version at and test it.

    When configuring the widget, now you have the new option “Excerpts with thumbnails”. and have to consider that:

    * The widget shows the thumbnail of the first uploaded image.
    * The thumbnail size is the one you had on thye media settings when you uploaded the image.

    Test it, and tell me if it works 😉

    oh, thank you so much for trying this! I will download it and try it later and I will report back.

    The theme I am using already has thumbnails showing on the main page (mimbo theme) for excerpts and it automatically generates the thumbnail size even if the photo is originally large in the post. It would be fabulous if Sideposts can do that as well.

    Well, WordPress itself generates a thumbnail for all uploaded images. This version is using this already generated thumbnail. Just have to care the WordPress settings for image thumbnails fit on your sidebar.

    It will show the thumbnail if there is a picture attached to the post. It doesn’t mind if in the post there is a larger one, or if the picture is not in the post at all.

    I will download the mimbo theme to see how them are doing it. Perhaps a different way, new points of view are always useful.

    BTW, Excerpts with thumbnails is a feature included in the coming 1.5 version, after I’ve finished testing it.

    Well, the development version (to be released as 1.5) now supports excerpts with thumbnails and it works like this:

    When setting the widget, choose: Excerpts with thumbnails.
    And then set thumbnail width (this is to prevent large thumbnails in the sidebar).
    The thumbnail shown, is the one of the posts’ first attached image. If the post has no images attached, no thumbnail is shown.

    Brilliant! This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!

    wanted to know if you like to place an option for the post is shown at home and in the sidebar. thx!

    You cannot. The plugin purpose is just to remove them from home page.

    Please, start a new topic when asking new questions, as this is marked as resolved and I don’t follow resolved issues.



    Is there a way I can change the size of the thumbnail? I’d like to make it more vertical…



    This issue is flagged as [Resolved] please start a new topic for a new question as I do not follow resolved questions.

    Thumbnail aspect is set by WordPress when uploading the image. You have to play with thumbnail sizes in WordPress media settings.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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