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  • Hi I am going nuts here and I see a number of similar posts with no clear resolution as to whether/how they ever got if fixed if they did. If anyone did get their’s fixed, please post why/what you changed.

    Actually it looks like no javascript working at all…although it is not disabled.

    As far as I can make out the problem is restricted to the local windows server (my development box). It does not happen when accessing the remote servers with same browsers.

    It does happen

    • with all plugins deactivated and just the unaltered default theme
    • in all browsers IE, firefox, chrome, safari. Yes cache was cleared… i even gave up overnight and it is still there this morning
    • in wp 3.0.1 and an older wp 2.9 instance I have

    Symptoms: (summary – now looks like no js when local server, yes js accessing remote sites)

    • the dropdowns in the menu do not work (in my experience this is usually due to a problem with a plugin loading some jquery that clashes, however all plugins are deactivated)
    • the screen option button is frozen, so cannot go to accessibility option
    • the widgets are frozen, cannot open the sidebars, cannot drag the widgets

    While it is “only” my development server, it is nonetheless concerning.

    So what do you’all think ? The only commonality/difference is that it is the local server and as far as I can tell, a javascript thing

    • I don’t think it is a browser cache thing – also happens in the browsers I do not normally use.
    • Norton running so hopefully not a virus thing
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  • Hi all,

    I have tracked it down to magic quotes temporarily being set on, on my local server (to test why folk where having problems with my user list plugin csv export). I have no idea why, but that does it.

    Magic quotes on (edit php.ini), restart server – JS problems, widgets frozen etc

    Magic quotes off, restart => problems gone

    Why? I’d love to know, but anyway at least I am back to normal now.

    I also started a thread here

    Maybe this is a different problem, but my problem went away magically when, out of desperation, I switched from IE Beta 9 over to Firefox!
    As a matter of fact, that simple change fixed several problems I was having that same day. (for whatever that’s worth. It’s certainly a simple thing to try to see if it helps solve your issue. Good luck!)

    I’m having problem just as same as you, and got it fixed.
    Actually you have to open the Screen Option on Widget panel above, and Disable accessibility mode.

    Now your widget is drag and droppable again, at least mine :).

    But I don’t really know why, maybe because i’m experimenting with jquery and widget creating and got a lot of errors in admin page.

    I have the same problem with Chrome but the wigets work fine in IE?

    Thanks, I didn’t know how to get the widgets to move.
    Now I have widgets and solid blocks with the word ‘click here just above. I think these are supposed to be ads.

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