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  • Hi there!
    I just found out that your plugin replaces functions names from WordPress core files and manipulates the file “wp-includes/widgets.php”.

    This ist totally against best practices and WordPress coding standards. One should never ever touch core files.

    It leads to breaking functionality with themes and/or other plugins. What is with plugins relying on the function “is_active_sidebar”?

    I hope you could release an update of your plugin which changes the code this way that all ins in your plugin and that it never touches any core files.

    Aren’t the hooks/filters of WordPress enough for modular plugins? Just wondering…?

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

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  • Plugin Author OTWthemes


    We are against changing WordPress core files. Definitely not a good practice. Unfortunately WordPress does not provide the necessary filters.

    The changes do not affect or brake the work of themes or other plugins. No issues there.

    Once deactivated the plugin will return everything just the way it was before activation.

    We will continue to follow WordPress core updates and if the proper filters are added we will update our plugin.

    Bottom line:
    – Yes changing files is bad practice, in this case there is no other option.
    – It does not affect other themes and plugins.
    – Once WordPress make it possible we will do an update of our plugin.


    Plugin Author OTWthemes


    The whole activation and replacement process/logic has been changed. No core files are being modified.

    Note: Manually updating to versiion 1.3. requires deactivation of the old version first. If you are using the wordpress updater it will do all the job for you.


    Hi, I just updated to version 1.3 using the worpress updater and now I’m unable to view my custom sidebar at all. This error code is appearing in my sidebar:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function dynamic_sidebar() …

    Additionally, my widgets page is totally non functional. Dragging no longer works and no sidebar regions appear.

    Deactivating the module and replace widgets.php seems to resolve the issue.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function dynamic_sidebar() …

    I have the same error after update 🙁

    Hi there to you all and OTW support. I do hae the exact same problem, but I used the Sidebar Manager Light to check it out. No I have no possiblilities to change any widgets, as the actual widget page with all the configuraions for what widget goes where, is completely non functional. On the website you do see the widgetized areas with there default text in it.
    Need help urgently.

    THX Kevin

    Ok here is somthing that worked for me. just reinstall wordpress again. all your settings, post etc are not effected. Now my widgets setup works again and on the live page the sidebars etc are working again.

    It still not sure if Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress from OTW work. I used the light version when to problems came up. have now updated to the full version but do now know if that will work better.

    Please help us OTW support


    @sondes and @dmimas : I had the same problem and I thought I lost everything since I have no knowledge about php. To restore, I just deleted the plugin completely and re-uploaded the older version of the plugin. And now everything’s back to normal without the need of redoing anything! 🙂 I request OTW to please correct the error in the update and give us a solution, especially for helpless people like me.

    Read the steps for updation only later! It worked when I re-tried after deleting my old version of the plugin and re-installing the new version. Thanks.

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