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  • is there any word on a fix for this? Im having the same problem on my website.

    I have users having this same problem. Any solution on the horizon. One user said they had the problem in Chrome, but not in IE.

    I have the same problem also with firefox, Opera, Google, and IE9
    latest with each Browser.
    Version 3.3 Of WP

    I just updated to WP 3.3 and updated the sidebar plugin to 2.3.4

    still getting undefined error and unable to login from the sidebar login.

    I have this problem too, so I guess there is some incompatibility with WP 3.3.1 It was working great before then.

    Would love this to be fixed as it is a very handy plugin!

    Anyone know of any alternative Plugin that does the same?

    OK folks. This should work.

    This worked for me:
    I deactivated all my plugins and then reactivated them again and it now works perfectly.

    It may even be enough to deactivate and reactivate the sidebar login plugin only, but I already tried all of them.

    I suspect a conflict with other plugins may be the cause or just needs resetting after certain reorganization of the WP core.

    Anyway, it workd for me. Try it.


    yesterday trhe plugin briefly worked for some unknown reason. today it again gave me the undefined error. I tried only deactivating the sidebar plugin and that did not work. I then deactivated and reactivated all my plugins, and the plugin is now again working. For how long….we shall see.

    Deactivating all the plug-ins and then reactivating them worked for me and Yes lets see how long.

    didnt last for long. 2 days it worked now its undefined again.

    the question I have is where is the developer?

    If you are using WP-SuperCache, this may be the problem. I deactivated it and the plugin works fine again. I had significant issues while trying to fix the sidebar with the cache (even using the normal meta login and other custom code attempts) and after disabling supercache my troubles went away.

    Confirmed I disabled wp-supercache and plugin works as normal hmmmmmmm
    now does the Sidebar Login author fix the I’m not aware or working correctly issue or does the wp-supercache author fix the am not letting the sidebar logins work properly.
    I’m so confused :>

    “undefined” is displayed whenever a user clicks login with a blank username & password.

    it should be an error message indicating a blank username / password

    i’m not using wp-supercache. so i think it’s not wp-supercache that’s causing the problem.

    I have this problem also on a client’s site, and deactivating WP Super Cache fixed it for me, which sucks, because the host for this site is relatively slow for wordpress without caching.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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