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  • Mike-
    I have a thank-you page which Si-contact form properly redirects to.

    I set ‘redirect after 0 seconds’, but I see that briefly, there is the SI “redirecting” animation and message, before the target redirect page is shown.

    It seems to me that, if 0 seconds is selected for redirect, the redirect animation and message should not be invoked at all. Instead, under a “0 seconds redirect”, there should simply be a linked redirect to the thank-you page.

    If this can’t be done, I will probably allow a redirect of a few seconds. Right now, redirect of 0 seconds is a bit jarring (the momentary redirect animation and message, then the sudden appearance of the thank-you page).

    Great plugin, thanks for opportunity to provide some user feedback/wish list. –Bill

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  • Further thoughts:
    An alternative for me is to use the SI thank-you message, and not redirect at all. (ie, the SI thank-you would be my thank-you page)

    However, to style the SI thank-you message, I have to shoehorn all the css styling into the Change Field Labels “Your message has been sent, thank you” line. (Which I have done successfully) As far as I can see, there is no box in the Style section for styling the “Your message has been sent” message.

    So, an alternative/additional request: Please add a box for css styling in Style for the “Your message has been sent” text.

    Thanks! –Bill

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