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  • I can see the image, but when it’s typed in, I keep getting this message:
    Error: You entered in the wrong Captcha phrase. Press your browsers back button and try again. Any suggestions?

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  • What version of wordpress?
    Is it WordPress MU? this plugin does not support MU

    It could be another plugin causing it…
    Do you have another plugin installed that uses cookies like a shopping cart plugin? For example, do you use a plugin called Shopp?

    Do this as a test:
    Temporarily disable all your other plugins.
    Activate the SI CAPTCHA plugin.
    Log out of Admin and test the captcha as a normal user.
    Does it work now? If yes, enable the plugins one by one to determine which one conflicts. Which plugin was causing it?

    It could be a theme causing it…
    Do this as a test:
    Activate the SI CAPTCHA plugin and temporarily change your theme to the “WordPress Default” theme.
    Log out of Admin and test the captcha as a normal user.
    Does the captcha work properly now?
    If it does then the theme you are using is the cause.

    Let me know the result of these tests

    For others who may have this problem and find this post:
    Check your web browser settings and make sure you are not blocking cookies for your blog domain. Cookies have to be enabled in your web browser and not blocked for the blog web domain.

    So either your browser is blocking cookies or you have another plugin that is improperly setting a session cookie before header output (in that case I would like to help you further to determine which one)
    I can tell you that the plugin called “Shopp” is not compatible because it handles sessions differently causing the CAPTCHA error “You entered in the wrong Captcha phrase”.

    Dear Mike,
    I love your plugin and it has worked fine until I installed the “Facebook Fan Box” plugin (
    Since I installed this plugin, SI CAPTCHA causing the CAPTCHA error “You entered in the wrong Captcha phrase”.
    Can be a problem of conflict or just a coincidence? Do you know how I can fix it?

    Thank you,


    I looked at that “Facebook Fan Box” plugin and it is too complex for me to troubleshoot. Maybe you can contact the plugin author with this helpful information:

    I do have a theory on why it could cause a session cookie problem.

    My plugin uses the PHP session_start() function.
    The session_start is required for the captcha-image to function.
    In PHP coding rules, session_start() must be processed before any HTML
    output or you might get a warning “Warning: session_start()
    [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent”. The error may or may not be displayed because sometimes PHP error warnings are turned off.

    Some plugins will output some HTML or even whitespace prematurely before the HTML doctype.
    This can be the direct cause of the captcha cookie session not working.
    It can even be something in the plugin code like this


    In the example above, there is a line of whitespace. If this code is
    anywhere before header output, then session cookies are broken.

    The contact form will still work if you turn the CAPTCHA off in the settings

    Hi Mike,

    I have the same “configuration” with Andbia, using SI Captcha and Facebook Fan Box. This combination was working fine until yesterday. I was still using SI Captcha v2.5.0 when the problem occurred. Upgrading to v.2.5.1 doesn’t solve the problem either.

    SI Captcha runs fine whenever I enter the comment as registered user and enter the Captcha code (I left the ‘Hide Captcha for registered users’ option, unchecked).

    Apparently Facebook’s developer has changed something in their widget code recently. The Facebook Fan Box I’m using is not a WP plugin by the way. Maybe SI Captcha has the same session name as Facebook Fan Box?

    Sorry I do not have time at the moment to try to troubleshoot another plugin that is conflicting.

    hi Mike,

    Version 2.5.2 is now working very well hand-in-hand with Facebook Fan Box. Thanks a lot!

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