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  • Hi Mike!

    I am relatively new to WordPress (installed three months ago) and just installed SI Captcha this weekend to cut down on the HUNDREDS of Blog Spam I have received (and had to trash). SI Captcha is the only plugin I have (from the default WordPress configuration). Akismet is not activate.

    While I am new to WordPress, I am not new to Linux nor running my own Linux servers (since 2002).

    Yesterday I blogged about how great SI CAPTCHA is :

    But I realized afterwards that adding a comment is really slow with “Waiting for” on the status bar for a long time (seems longer when done thru IE than Firefox for some reason).

    Having done some additional testing I think:
    1. If SI CAPTCHA is deactivated, then posting a comment is fast.
    2. If I am logged in, SI CAPTCHA is fast.
    3. It is only if I am not logged in, that the WAITING message appears for exactly ONE MINUTE, so I’m wondering if this might be some type of timeout issue?

    Also, I have a second question, if I don’t type in the Captcha and click to post the comment I correctly see a web page stating “Error: You did not enter a Captcha phrase. Press your browsers back button and try again. If I “tail -f /var/log/httpd/access_log I see a “500” error each time, which normally would indicate an internal server error. I also know this because OSSEC generates an “Alert Level 5” when it sees a 500 error in the log. But I notice that even when SI CAPTCHA is deactivated and I try to “post comment” (but leave the comment blank) that I get a 500 error, so I think this 500 error is more related to the WordPress PHP than the SI CAPTCHA PHP?

    p.s. before posting I looked in the FAQ, and did not see anything that might answer these two questions.



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