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    Using SI Captcha 2.6.4, I was able to set a CSS class name for options like “CAPTCHA input label” and “CAPTCHA input label”. This functionality was mentioned in the plugin on-screen help. Great! That is exactly what I needed and it worked well.

    Then I upgraded to SI Captcha 2.7 in order to get other improvements. Now the ability to use ‘class=”classname”‘ in those fields above, seems to have been removed – even the plugin help no longer mentions that possibility 🙁 So this seems to be a deliberate change, but checking the changelog I didn’t see this change mentioned or explained.

    Adding the (long!) CSS for these fields manually in the SI Captcha options isn’t a great workaround – the manually-entered CSS is loaded right at the bottom of the HTML page by the plugin, so the CAPTCHA field appears first without that CSS styling, then loads the syling a moment later when the browser loads it, which looks strange.

    Why was the ability to enter CSS class names into those plugin options fields removed, and can this ability be re-added, like it was in 2.6.4?

    Many thanks,


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  • Many people, some who are them developers, asked that I set class names for all the objects so they can support this plugin right from the theme CSS. Once I added class names to all the objects, I made a feature to load the style inline or external.
    I had to drop the feature to set other class names because the reliability of it was hit and miss. In many cases it would not work.

    The option to load the ‘External Style Sheet CSS’ gives more flexibility like what you are asking for, maybe you could use the external CSS option, then copy the CSS to the style.css of your theme. It would solve the load jitter you described.



    Thanks very much for your quick reply and for explaining the reason behind the change.

    Following on from your hint to investigate the ‘External Style Sheet CSS’ option, I’ve now found a way to inject the necessary CSS via a method which doesn’t even require editing of style.css.

    I was so focussed on trying to do things the way I had been doing it with v2.6.4, I didn’t fully appreciate how that new External CSS option in v2.7 could be used instead – sorry 🙁

    Many thanks again – topic resolved; donation via Paypal on the way 🙂



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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