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  • It uses WordPress action hooks so that it only does the action you need, when you need it. You are correct, if you have it enabled for registration page only, then that is all it does.

    K thanks. Trying to track down CPU spikes since install of 6 plugins. 1 down 5 to go. 🙂

    The others are:
    Simple 301 Redirects
    Thumbnail For Excerpts
    WP Hide Dashboard

    Do you know if any of these are resource hogs?

    Yuck! the plugin adds wp-content/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/captcha-secureimage/si_captcha.js to EVERY PAGE!!!

    …and I ONLY have registration captcha enabled. ALL other options… comments, etc are DISABLED!

    My page speed scores took a big hit. Will try to fix this now.

    Messy man eesh!

    AND its in the HEADER not footer. geezzz

    Looking for alternative plugin.

    It gets worse! The si_captcha.js file is loaded in the header of every page EXCEPT wp-login.php rofl!!!

    So needless to say the refresh button does NOT work. Not that I even want the refresh button.

    I found this in si-captcha.php:
    if ( isset($si_captcha_opt[‘si_captcha_disable_session’]) && $si_captcha_opt[‘si_captcha_disable_session’] == ‘true’)

    changed to:
    if ( isset($si_captcha_opt[‘si_captcha_disable_session’]) && $si_captcha_opt[‘si_captcha_disable_session’] == ‘false’)

    Removes java!

    Then I added the js manually to register page.

    Ok removed plugin. I now use this:

    It’s officially supported by Google:

    The next version will have this improvement:
    – The javascript is only loaded on pages when it is conditionally needed, and it loads in footer.

    Perfect I may switch back. ReCAPTCHA is ok but so many letters to type! I prefer just four and I never had an issue with spam reg I just need it there in case.

    You can have this new version now if you deactivate, delete and reinstall.
    I just have not changed the version number yet. I always like to wait a day or two after making changes.


    So I decided to try this plugin 3 months later to see if nasty javascript was removed from the header of all pages. Especially since I only enable the plugin for the registration page.

    I installed and the ONLY place I enabled is for user registrations…

    STILL on the index page and post pages there .js scripts in HEADER!:

    All I need is to stop spam registrations so why is there javascript added to the rest of the site?

    How can I remove the java-script??

    Answered in your other post

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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