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  • Plugin Author Carter


    Hey everyone. I’m the plugin developer, and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve uploaded Showtime 3.0 to the WordPress servers. As soon as they do whatever it is they do, it will be available for download. *

    *Edit: It’s up.

    I re-wrote the plugin basically from scratch to ensure that any of the incredibly stupid mistakes I made when I first wrote it (3 years ago) were not caught in some legacy trap that I missed.

    There are several improvements, not the least of which is that now the shortcodes output properly (for anyone who was wondering, the secret was storing all the output HTML in a single variable and returning that variable, instead of using echo statements. Do not use echo statements in a shortcode function).

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who has downloaded this and gotten in touch. I know it took me a really long time to issue this update, but hey, it’s done now.

    Please send any feedback to

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  • EXCELLENT WORK. Thank you so much for this update. It fixes all the issues and conflicts with other plugins. Quick question, echoing another thread, how can I get back the times display on the Now Playing widget?

    I run a community radio station and this plugin looks like exactly what I need to put the station schedule on our website

    I’ve loaded the plugin, set the time-zone and added the [showtime-schedule] short code to my page but nothing displays at all.

    I’ve added the widget to the side bar and it shows the “off air” message so I guess something is working.

    Any advice on what I’ve missed will be gratefully received.


    Plugin Author Carter


    @rogerneale and I resolved his issue; he hadn’t added any shows to his schedule, so there was nothing to output. And he hadn’t added any shows because his timezone city was improperly set.

    @prnradio: That’s my fault. I must have left that out. I’ll add it back in and release an update.

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