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  • The 1st Tab Box that holds spoilers is splitting and showing the spoilers intended for the 2nd Tab Box to reflect in the 1st Tab Box. When I click on the 2nd Tab Box the splitting feature disappears, but how to prevent the box from splitting in first place?

    Sourcecode used for all 3 tabs:
    [tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”Chargebacks”] [spoiler title=”$90K Walmart CO-OP Post Audit Reversed in 30 Days ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”$875K Walmart Price Post Audit Reduce to $244K less 60 Days” open=”0″ style=”1″] [/spoiler][spoiler title=”$70K Walmart Payback previous dispted/closd settle apprx 75 Days” ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”$15K Cache Concealed Short (deduct 2010-2011) payback 2012″ open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”$10K Neiman Marcus Ticket Violations(supplier fault) but achieve payback in 27 days” ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”$31K Sears Discs reversed ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][/tab] [tab title=”Collections”] [spoiler title=”Total aging over 90 days less 1.5%” open=”0″ style=”1″][spoiler] [spoiler title=”All past receivables less 5% of 72 million ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”Majority avg past dues never 14 days past current, 240 M+ Portfolio” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][spoiler title=”DSO reduced by 20 days ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler][/tab] [tab title=”Credit”] [spoiler title=”Transitioned COD customers to prepay ” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler] [spoiler title=”50% prepaid for retailers: KB Toys, Blockbuster, Goody’s Family” open=”0″ style=”1″][/spoiler] [/tab] [/tabs]


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