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    If you have troubles with compatibility, just try to visit plugin settings page and disable custom formatting or enable compatibility mode. These options helps in 99% cases.

    Disable custom formatting – this option will disable embedded custom formatter, that affects all your site code. It may help you with many plugins.

    Compatibility mode – this option will rename all plugin shortcodes with short prefix. Ex.: button => gn_button, list => gn_list. It affects all other plugin shortcodes too.

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  • Hi! Shortcodes Ultimate is one of my fave plugins. However I always use the Disable custom formatting checkbox because it frequently conflicts with other plugins.

    Can I ask what exactly is being disabled? Just curious to know what features I’m missing out. Thanks

    Plugin Author Vladimir Anokhin


    Hi blogjunkie,

    this mode just modifying wpautop filter, that adds paragraph tags to your content. It makes filter working correctly around some shortcodes like column.

    Try to create new page, put [column] shortcode to content and enable formatting. You’ll see the changes (on site, not in dashboard).

    Ok, thanks for explaining!

    The “visual editor” of UShortcode stopped working. shortcodes still work, but the visual not. I am also using Ultimate TinyMCE, but it has worked fine untill now. No conflicts before last week. I have also noticed that after upgrading WordPress Seo, from Yoast, but after deactivating it, the VE wouldn’t work as well…



    This worked for me, the disable custom formatting. It was a surprise that all my buttons just changed color and my layouts went all wonky because of conflicts.

    It’s a perfect setting and i luv it alot. Thank you so much! I am using it on two sites currently.

    Hi There,

    I have purchased a plugin called WP Max Payment. It is clashing with Shortcodes Ultimate even in compatiblity mode.

    Is it any chance to help me to find out the issue? To be honest the WP Max Payment support is far from helpful.

    Thank you in advance,

    I am having a problem in which Contact Form 7 is being disabled when I use columns. Disabling formatting unfortunately does not change anything. Any thoughts on my next step to troubleshoot it?

    Just want to add a note that I encountered formatting issues using SU and the Powerpress plugin. If anyone else is using both these plugins, I would recommend you disable custom formatting, as that solved my issue.



    NetWebLogic Support

    there is also a problem with my plugin Events Manager, which is resolved by ‘disable custom formatting’

    I looked at your code first, and it seems that you’re going in quite late into the_content and doing this formatting. I think line 238 of shortcodes-ultimate.php could be changed to prevent issues from:

    $new_content .= wptexturize( wpautop( $piece ) );


    $new_content .= $piece;

    from the looks of it, the above will just prevent the plugin from adding wpautop to content not wrapped in raw shortcode, which is probably less likely to cause conflicts. You could do another preg for your column shortcode instead.

    JW Player updated his plugin. For now there is no option to run shortcodes unlimited with JW Player for wordpress 6.

    Please trell me how to disable the JW Player. The checkbox in the pluginsettings didnt work.

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    Shortcodes Ultimate, breaks Advanced Code Editor. The work around suggested does not help… Any additional ways to fix this or are you planning any dates? Love SU but I can only use if it plays well with others.

    Hi I am having problems with the short code visual editor as well.. I have tried ..
    Un-install re-install ,,no help ..
    Tried deactivating all plugins to see if I can get short code to work no luck..

    tried the diff settings in U shortcode dose not help ?

    it works on all my other sites but this one ??


    Shortcodes Ultimate is causing issues with WP Symposium and is causing issues with forum posting and profile posting buttons. According to the WPS developer (your’s is one of two causing issues with WPS):

    Both are causing javascript errors

    Here is a screenshot of yours and other plugins java errors. This needs fixing as soon as possible:

    Plugin Author Vladimir Anokhin


    As you can see in source code of SU, my plugin doesn’t have js-files named pinit.js and buttons.js

    This would be a nice plugin if it didn’t cause so many other problems.

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